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    Salesforce New Categories for Content Cases

    • Product: Alma Data Services, SFX KBCDI, 360 KB


    When opening a new case for the Ex Libris content support, understanding how to use categories and subcategories is important to ensure that your request is directed to the appropriate team and resolved efficiently.

    • It directs your case to the support team with expertise in the specific area of your issue, allowing for quicker problem-solving.
    • Categories provide a structured way to describe your issue, improving understanding between you and the support team.
    • Cases are prioritized based on urgency, addressing critical issues promptly while managing high volumes effectively.

    How to Use Categories and Subcategories

    1. Select a Category: You'll encounter a drop-down list of categories. These categories represent broad areas of support or topics related to the content products. Choose the category that best matches the nature of your request.
    2. Choose a Sub-Category: After selecting the main category, you'll see a second drop-down list of subcategories. These subcategories provide more specific options related to the chosen category. Pick the Sub-Category that most closely aligns with your issue.
    3. Provide Detailed Information: In the case creation form, there will be a section for you to describe your issue or question in detail. Be as specific as possible. Explain the problem, include error messages, and provide any relevant context. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for the support teams to assist you effectively.

    Upcoming Changes

    We are excited to announce a significant upgrade that will make it easier and more intuitive for you to open cases for our support team.

    Why Change?

    Our motivation behind this upgrade is to improve your experience when reaching out to our support team.

    1. Streamlined Case Submission: The updated Category and Sub-Category fields will create a more straightforward and user-friendly process for submitting cases. You'll find it easier to select the appropriate category that best matches your support needs.

    2. Clarity in Communication: When you open a case, clear and well-defined categories will enable us to better understand your requirements. This clarity ensures that your inquiries are directed to the right support experts, resulting in quicker and more accurate responses.

    *Please note that the categories are not yet available using "Report to Ex Libris" button, but will be soon.

    Your Feedback Matters

    Your feedback is valuable to us. As we implement these changes, we encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions. Your input will help us refine the process further to align with your needs and expectations.


    The products that will be affected by the upgrade:

    o   Alma Data Services

    o   SFX KB

    o   CDI

    o   360 KB


    The updated Category and Sub-Category list for Alma Data Services/SFX KB/360 KB:



    Delivery Collection Level

    Update collection


    Add titles


    Remove titles


    Remove collection


    Change collection name


    Platform Change


    Collection Level Linking

    Delivery Title Level

    Add title


    Remove title


    Update title


    Update coverage


    Update Identifiers




    CZ External resource


    Linking Title level


    Linking Article level


    CZ Enrichments


    CZ Authorities


    The updated Category and Sub-Category list for CDI:



    CDI Linking

    Broken Link resolver


    Broken link in record


    Wrong linking method


    No link



    CDI Inaccurate Metadata

    Citation Information


    Open access indication


    Peer Reviewed indication

    CDI Availability

    No link


    Incorrect FT indication


    No Results

    CDI Missing/Extra content

    Extra content


    Missing content

    CDI Summon local content

    New full load


    Update Mapping


    New Catalog/IR


    Delete Catalog/IR

    CDI Facets

    Incorrect count


    Incorrect Facet


    Missing facet

    CDI Collection descriptive fields


    CDI Duplicated records/Match&Merge




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