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    Can't run dtle/dtl_shutdown_all* - rep00 is hanging

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: DigiTool
    • Product Version: 3

    Can't run dtle/dtl_shutdown_all* - rep00 is hanging

    shutdown library batch queues...
    - vir01
    Load: /exlibris/dtl/u3_1/dtle/tab/tab100
    Load: /exlibris/dtl/u3_1/rep00/tab/tab100
    Rep00 is stuck when trying to shut down rep00; you can see it in: /exlibris/dtl/u3_1/dtle/shut_down.log

    To troubleshoot - do the following:

    1. check /etc/hosts to be sure it's correct; look at the short name and the FQDN to be sure that they are not reversed (i.e. the FQDN is listed 2nd instead of 1st).

    Sendmail and other programs complain if the short name is listed first.

    2. Check the www_server log for license errors (e.g.):
    license_check [err]: No match for IP address
    Error: License check failed, Exiting

    If errors are found; check the license [UTIL Y/11] and update as needed.

    check that the new license matches the hostname address in /etc/hosts.

    3. You may need to reinitialize the database (init_dtl and init_java).

    Additional Information

    shutdown, rep00

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013