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    Changing date display settings.

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: DigiTool
    • Product Version: 3

    How do I change the date display settings?

    1. For java modules:
    In repository_configuration.xml change the date parameters to the desired format:

    2. For the Resource Discovery side:
    >>cd $dtle_root

    Within dtl_start:

    setenv dtl_date_time 2

    (1 is US - mm/dd/yyyy - 2 is European - dd/mm/yyyy)

    3. To commit changes:
    a. source dtl_start
    b. start_w
    c. start_pc
    d. re-load repository configuration ("mng" maintenance job)

    Additional Information

    DigiTool 3 3.0 date settings display

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013