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How to add a field to the Advanced Search in RD


How to add a field to the advanced search (dropdown) so it will be be searchable in the RD 



The example here is to add the partitionA field

First Step

In $dtle_root/tab/tab12 add: 
308 partitionA (308 is just for the example, it can be any other available number) 

Second Step

In $user_dev/gen01/tab/tab00.eng add: 
H WPA W-027 00 00 W-partitionA (WPA is just for the example, can be any 3 other letters) 

Third Step

In $user_dev/gen01/tab/tab11_word add: 

308## a 03 WRD WPA

Fourth Step

In $user_dev/gen01/tab/harvesting_schema.xml add: 

<field index_enabled="true" search_enabled="true" ui_code="308" ui_default_text="doc-308" index_code="308" normalizing_profiles_ref="generic"> 
<location type="digital_entity" path="control/partition_a"></location> 


Fifth Step

In $user_dev/gen01/tab/www_r_silo_conf.xml add under the find codes: 

<option_name lng="ENG">PartitionA</option_name> 
<option_name lng="GER">PA</option_name> 
<option_name lng="FRE">PA</option_name> 
<option_name lng="HEB">×©× ×”</option_name> 

Sixth Step

Restart the www server:


Please Note

In order the change will take effect on all the objects in the RD you need to run harvest from *scratch*.

This will drop the resource discovery indexes and rebuild them from scratch, meaning that accurate search results will not be available during the re-index. For this reason it is best to perform this procedure over the weekend.

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