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    How do I request a Support Portal Login for a new staff member?

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    How do I give a colleague or new staff member access to institutional cases in the Support Center?


    You can invite a colleague to receive access to your institution's cases in the Support Center by using the "Grant Permissions" tab. This will allow your colleague read-only access to view cases associated with your institution and the ability to open new cases under your institution's account name:

    1. Ensure that your colleague has already registered for a user account in the Support Center. They can register by visiting the Support Center Login page and completing the Register form:

    2. Log into your own Support Center account or one that already has institutional access.

    3. Select the Grant Permissions tab: 


    4. Enter your colleague's First Name, Last Name, Email, then click Next.

    5. You will see a message stating that the new staff member has been granted permission to access institutional cases.

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