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    How to create a search base for a collection with different banner?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: DigiTool
    • Product Version: 3

    How to create a search base for a collection with a different resource discovery banner?

    1) In the file : /exlibris/dtl/u3_x/dtle/tab/tab_base.eng, add the following line to create a search base by collection id (CID):
    GEN01-TST01 TST Collection GEN01 N AND ((1776) within CID)

    (Note: 1776 is the collection id which you can get by moving your mouse over the collection name in the resource discovery home page and looking at the url displayed at the bottom of the browser, for example:

    2) Create a new header file for this collection:
    >cd /exlibris/dtl/u3_x/dtle/www_r_eng
    >cp collections-head collections-head-gen01-tst01

    3) Edited the new collections-head-gen01-tst01 file, change the line:
    From: <include>banner
    To: <include>banner-tst

    4) Create a new banner:
    >cp banner banner-tst

    5) Edited the new banner-tst to include the project specific banner image

    After the above changes, the end users can go to this collection by following the link:

    In order to make the new banner available in the search results page and home page, you will also need to do the following:
    >cp results-brief-head results-brief-head-gen01-tst01
    >cp results-full-head results-full-head-gen01-tst01
    >cp results-table-head results-table-head-gen01-tst01
    >cp search-simple-head search-simple-head-gen01-tst01
    Then in the new files, change the line:
    From: <include>banner
    To: <include>banner-tst

    Additional Information

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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