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Ingest Fails

Problem Symptoms

The ingest fails and the following error appears in the ingest log:
"Appropriate storage wasn't found. Suggestion:Increase the 'Total Space' for this storage"



Total space is configured in the Digitool Storage Rules as a logical allocation of storage space to be used by the software. Repository file stream and storage calculation in DigiTool is done in bytes and adds up the values for each of the file streams stored in DigiTool, while the actual size in the Network File System includes sub-folders for storage and is calculated by block size according to the operating system.
In order to prevent the allocated storage area from becoming completely full, Digitool prevents any further files from being written to storage when 80% (by default) of the allocated threshold is reached, displaying the "Appropriate storage wasn't found" error. 



  1. In the Management web interface increase the 'Total Space' for the storage from Maintenance > Storage
    (This is dependent upon actual space being available in the file system)
  2. (Optional) Increase the storage_completeness_percentage parameter in repository_configuration.xml*
  3. .After performing 1,2 or both you need to run 'Reload Repository Configuration' job and re-run the ingest


* repository_configuration.xml can be easily located using this command in the unix terminal::


Which changes the directory to the location of the file