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    ETD Administrator Mapping to Esploro Assets

    ETD Administrator Mapping to Esploro Asset

    The Metadata mapping from the ETD Administrator to Esploro is described in the table below.
    The mapping may differ slightly for some customers depending on their setup.
    Esploro Schema Esploro Note ETD Admin Example Element Description
    Access rights open or restricted.
    If "Campus use only" map to access type "Campus"
    If "Open access" map to access type "Open".
    Otherwise, don't map.
    This is a free-form text field that the school can set (via tech support) for their repository access options. </DISS_repository>
    <DISS_access_option>Campus use only</DISS_access_option>
    <!ELEMENT DISS_access_option (#PCDATA)> This element contains the text of the selected access option.  For example "Open access", "Campus use only", etc.
    Awarding academic unit Maps to an internal organization unit according to the "Migration to Esploro Awarding Academic Unit” mapping table. DISS_description/<DISS_institution>
    <DISS_inst_department>Cancer Biology (Medicine)</DISS_inst_department>
    <!ELEMENT DISS_inst_department (#PCDATA)> <!-- Department name within the institution -->
    Contributor - type advisor
    Hierarchy Same as name
      DISS_description/<DISS_advisor order="1"><DISS_name>
    <!ELEMENT DISS_advisor (DISS_name)>
    <!ATTLIST DISS_advisor order CDATA #REQUIRED>
    <!-- the advisor or advisors associated with the graduate work -->
    Contributor - type committee member
    Hierarchy Same as name
    <!ELEMENT DISS_cmte_member (DISS_name)+>
    <!ATTLIST DISS_cmte_member   order CDATA #REQUIRED>
      committee members, excluding primary advisor, associated with the  graduate work.
    creator/email   <DISS_author>
    creator/familyname   <DISS_author>
    <!ELEMENT DISS_surname (#PCDATA)>  
    creator/givenname   <DISS_author>
    <!ELEMENT DISS_fname (#PCDATA)>  
    creator/identifier.ORCID.uri   DISS_author
    <!ELEMENT DISS_orcid (#PCDATA)>  
    creator/middlename   <DISS_author>
    <!ELEMENT DISS_middle (#PCDATA)>  
    date.approved   DISS_description/<DISS_dates>
    Date.completed Format will be YYYY-01-01 - migrate only year. DISS_description/<DISS_dates>
    <!ELEMENT DISS_manuscript_date (#PCDATA)> Refers to the date the manuscript was completed.
    ETD only collects year, so format will be YYYY-01-01


    Format will be YYYY-MM-DD. Migrate only year and month. DISS_description/<DISS_dates>
    <!ELEMENT DISS_degree_date (#PCDATA)> DISS_degree_date refers to the year (or year and month) the degree was conferred.
    When only a year is provided in ETD format will be YYYY-01-01. When year and month are provided, format will be YYYY-MM-01.
    date.submitted   DISS_description/<DISS_dates>


    degree.grantor   DISS_description/DISS_institution
    <DISS_inst_name>College University</DISS_inst_name>
    <!ELEMENT DISS_inst_name (#PCDATA)> <!-- the name of the degree granting institution -->
    degree.level Also used for mapping to asset type.
    <DISS_description page_count="125" type="doctoral" external_id="" apply_for_copyright="no"> type (masters | doctoral) #REQUIRED <DISS_description page_count="125" type="doctoral" Maps according to the “Migration to Esploro Degree Codes” mapping table. DISS_description/
    <DISS_degree_name>Doctor of Philosophy</DISS_degree_name>
    <!ELEMENT <DISS_degree_name>
    <!-- The degree associated with this dissertation -->
    degree.program Maps according to the “Migration to Esploro ETD Degree Program” mapping table. DISS_description/<DISS_institution>
    <DISS_inst_department>Cancer Biology (Medicine)</DISS_inst_department> 
    <!ELEMENT DISS_inst_department (#PCDATA)>  <!-- Department name within the institution -->
    description.abstract <DISS_para> replace with a line break. <DISS_content>
    <DISS_para>This would be where the abstract goes with lots of text and potentially multiple paragraphs.</DISS_para>
    <!ELEMENT DISS_abstract (DISS_para)+> DISS_abstract contains one or more paragraphs of text abstract from the author
    With field above can be many. Will be displayed one after the other.
    <DISS_para> replace with a line break. <DISS_content>
    <DISS_supp_abstract lang="es">
    <DISS_para>Aquֳdonde el resumen va con mucho texto y potencialmente varios pֳ¡rrafos.</DISS_para>
    <!ELEMENT DISS_supp_abstract (DISS_para)+>  
    File/Description   DISS_attachment /
    <!ELEMENT DISS_file_descr (#PCDATA)>  
    File/Name Use to match to the file. <DISS_content>
    <DISS_binary type="PDF">10822291.pdf</DISS_binary>
    <!ELEMENT DISS_binary (#PCDATA)> DISS_binary contains the name of a PDF file containing the full dissertation. Currently only PDF is supported.
    (Only for supplemental file)
    These are the options:
    DISS_attachment /
    <!ELEMENT DISS_file_category (#PCDATA)>  
    If =1, mark as policy accepted. Acceptance of agreement.
    (0=decline, 1=accept)
    DISS_repository /
    <!ELEMENT DISS_acceptance (#PCDATA)> <!-- Accept or decline status for the agreement (0=decline, 1=accept) -->
    If <DISS_access_option> = "Campus use only" OR <DISS_access_option> = "Open access" DO NOT map DISS_delayed_release.
    Otherwise, map to access rights embargo or closed.
    If <DISS_delayed_release> value is "never deliver" then access rights = closed.
    Else access rights = open with embargo, with embargo date like the value.
    <DISS_delayed_release>2022-01-01 00:00:00</DISS_delayed_release> <!ELEMENT DISS_delayed_release (#PCDATA)>   This element contains the delayed release period (e.g. 6 months), the  specific embargo lift date (e.g. 2050-01-01), or the string "never deliver"  for a permanent embargo if any.
    keywords   <DISS_keyword>Cornea</DISS_keyword>
    <!ELEMENT DISS_keyword (#PCDATA)> DISS_keywords are a set of up to 6 keywords that the author believes describe the graduate work
    language   <DISS_language>en</DISS_language> <!ELEMENT DISS_language (#PCDATA)> DISS_language contains the code for the language in which the graduate work is written. The default is "EN" for English.
    Map first to:
    Map second to:
    If more than two, add the third and up to keywords. <DISS_categorization>
    <!ELEMENT DISS_cat_code (#PCDATA)>  
    pages   <DISS_description page_count="125" type="doctoral" external_id="" apply_for_copyright="no"> page_count CDATA #REQUIRED <DISS_description page_count="125" type="doctoral" 
    Policy acceptance date.  Use only if <DISS_acceptance> = 1
    Date format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MI:SS - retain only YYYY-MM-DD.
    DISS_repository /
    <!ELEMENT DISS_agreement_decision_date (#PCDATA)> <!-- The date that the agreement was accepted or declined YYYY-MM-DD HH:MI:SS -->
    Supplemental file name Use to match to the supplementary file. DISS_attachment /
    <!ELEMENT DISS_file_name (#PCDATA)> DISS_attachment contains the name and type of supplemental files for the dissertation.
    title   DISS_description/
    <!ELEMENT DISS_title (#PCDATA)> DISS_title is the full title of the dissertation
    title.translated   DISS_description/
    <DISS_supp_title lang="es">
    <!ELEMENT DISS_supp_title (#PCDATA)> DISS_Supp_Title is the full title of the dissertation in an alternate language.

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