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    Appendix A: Field Mapping from Primo PNX to Leganto Citations

    For more information about the integration between Leganto and Primo, see the developer's network documentation and Configuring Search Repository.
    The following table presents the mapping between Primo PNX fields and Leganto citation fields. The Search Results column indicates the fields that appear in the list of search results; search results in Leganto including information from Primo (using the Primo API). The Brief Display column indicates the fields that appear for the citation when viewing the reading list for books, articles, or both (note that there are other materials types, see Configuring Citation Material Types). The Full Display column indicates the fields that appear when viewing the citation details.
    Field Mapping between Primo PNX and Leganto Citations
    Primo PNX Section Primo PNX Field Citation Field Search Results Brief Display (Article/Book) Full Display
    display contributor Additional Person Name Both Both
    display creator Author (Editor) Y Both (Book Chapter) Both
    display ispartof Book Title (only for a Book Chapter) Y Book (Book Chapter) Book
    addata doi DOI Both
    display edition Edition Y Book Book
    addata epage End Page Y Both Both
    addata isbn ISBN Y Book
    addata issn ISSN Y Article
    addata issue Issue Y Article Article
    addata jtitle Journal Title Y Article Article
    addata lccn LCCN Number Book
    addata notes Note Both Both
    addata oclcid OCLC Number Book
    addata pages Pages Both (if no start/end page) Both
    addata cop Place of Publication Book Both
    addata date Publication Date Y Both Both
    addata pub Publisher Y Book Book
    display publisher Publisher (if addata/pub is empty) Y Book Book
    addata spage Start Page Y Both Both
    display title Title (Chapter Title) Y Both (Book Chapter) Both
    addata volume Volume Y Article Article
    search creationdate Year Book Book
    In addition, search:addsrcrecordid is required for the display of alternate (physical) editions and alternate (electronic) formats of a citation linked to a physical resource. See Configuring the Display of Other Formats and Editions of Citations.
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