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    Logging in and List Structure


    Accessing Leganto

    Students generally access an embedded version of Leganto from within an LMS. Login is automatic when your institution is configured for single sign-on.

    After logging in, you may see a Welcome screen. After closing the Welcome screen, you see the Lists page.

    Log out by selecting Log out in the user menu.

    The Logout option.

    Log out option

    If you have lost your username or password, or require any assistance, contact your library.

    Navigating the UI

    Leganto always displays a header bar, a main, central pane, and a left pane. The right pane displays when information is available.

    The header bar includes:

    • User Menu
    • Useful links (when configured by your institution)
    • a Help link
    • Notifications (when configured by your institution)

    The left pane includes your institution's logo, the Lists menu, and the Favorites menu.

    Depending on your institution's configurations, the following appears on the right pane:

    Right Pane
    Icon Function
    clipboard_ee10c0aa6e4685f80d5fc6826b9571097.png Suggestions
    clipboard_ec12b0d4b4e18f0baf180de398386560f.png Upcoming due dates


    The Lists pane.


    Setting the UI Language

    You can change the language of the Leganto interface to your preferred language.

    To change your interface language:
    1. From the Settings clipboard_e38b9e1d4804fb7427dda11149f818a89.png menu, select the current language. The Choose a language window opens.

      The Language menu.

      Language menu
    2. Select your preferred language and select Close. The interface language now displays in your preferred language.

      Leganto in Hebrew.

      Leganto in Hebrew

    Configuring Accessibility Settings

    You can set the font size and contrast.

    To change your Accessibility settings:
    1. From the Settings clipboard_e38b9e1d4804fb7427dda11149f818a89.png menu, select Accessibility settings. The Accessibilty window opens.

      The Accessibility settings menu option.

      Accessibility settings menu option
    2. Select your desired font size, preferred site contrast, how long to display a feedback message, and select Close. Your settings are applied.

      The Accessibility settings configuration.

      Accessibility settings

    Viewing and Managing Notifications

    Certain changes to lists or items create notifications that you can view in Leganto. When configured by your institution, these notifications are also sent to you by email.

    To view Notification settings:
    • From the Notifications clipboard_e9046a7e6bec4c2d3a2e1e0e845881921.png, you can view notifications for all lists or specified lists.

      The list activity notifications pane.

    To disable email notification:
    1. From the Settings clipboard_e38b9e1d4804fb7427dda11149f818a89.png menu, select Notification settings. The Notification window opens.

      The notification settings option.

      Notification settings
    2. If your institution has enabled sending notifications by email, uncheck Receive notifications by email and select Save. Your settings are applied.

      The notification settings.

      Notifications settings

    Getting Help

    Depending on your institution's configuration, you can access help pages when selecting Help clipboard_e4827b73c670d5c5f0f896b146618ef8c.png .

     The help option.


    Linking Leganto to an External Citation Manager

    When configured by your institution, you can configure Leganto with the external site's credentials.

    To link to an external citation manager:
    1. From the Settings clipboard_e38b9e1d4804fb7427dda11149f818a89.png menu, select Reference managers. The Reference managers window opens.

      The reference managers settings.

      Reference managers
    2. Select Add citation manager and select the relevant citation manager and add your credentials.

      The option to add a citation manager.

      Add citation managers

      The RefWorks configuration.

      RefWorks configuration

      The Zotero configuration.

      Zotero configuration

      The Mendeley configuration.

      Mendeley configuration

    Viewing Useful Links

    When configured by your institution, web pages that your institution believes are of general interest to all students are accessible from Leganto.

    To view one of these pages:
    • From the top menu, select Useful Links clipboard_edd7bf1b44eccf35c377b1c69e66533c4.pngat the top of Leganto and select the page. The page opens in a new browser tab.

      The useful links options.

      Useful Links

    Viewing a List

    When accessing Leganto, the reading list is presented. The options available to you depend on your institution's settings; therefore, some of the options below may not be available to you.

    The Leganto Reading List.

    Reading List

    The list header displays the following information:

    • List name
    • Courses associated with the list
    • List info button to view more information about the list
    • A share list icon
    • List menu

    From the list actions, you can use the view sections/ view items toggle, filter the list, and search the list.

    The list actions.

    List actions

    List Info

    The List info pane includes:

    • List name
    • Courses associated with the list
    • When the list was last changed
    • Total items in the total number of sections
    • A share list icon
    • List menu
    • List description
    • Syllabus — as a link or as a file
    • Tags
    • List dates
    • Course instructors
    • Creative Commons license

    The student list info pane.

    List info pane

    List Menu

    You may not see all options depending on your permissions and what is configured for your institution.

    The list menu includes list actions:

    • Display recent list changes
    • Export list
    • Print list

    The list menu.

    List menu

    Section Menu

    You may not see all options depending on your permissions and what is configured for your institution.

    The section menu includes a share link and a menu.

    A list section.

    List Section

    The section menu includes the following actions:

    • Export section
    • Print section

    The section menu.

    Section menu

    Sections can be collapsed/expanded using the view sections/view items toggle. Your institution configures the default settings for sections to appear collapsed/expanded.

    A collapsed section.

    A collapsed section

    Item Details

    You may not see all options depending on your permissions and what is configured for your institution.

    The item includes:

    • Item title
    • Item type
    • Item Due date
    • Note
    • Item tags
    • Full details button
    • Share item link
    • Item menu actions

    A list item.

    List Item

    The item menu includes the following actions:

    • Save as favorite
    • Quick Cite
    • Mark as done

    The item menu.

    Item menu

    Item Full Details

    The Full Details enables you to view:

    Links & Availability

    The Links & availability tab lists links to electronic resources and/or physical availability information. From the Links & availability tab, you can:

    • View any links or files related to the item
    • Download files (when enabled by your institution)
    • Mark a link as broken or Report a problem with the file

    The student links & availability tab.

    Links & availability

    Item Details

    From the Item details tab, you can:

    • View the item details
    • Add a Private note
    • Open the item on Google Books (when enabled)
    • View the Google privacy details (when enabled) 

    The student item details tab.

    Item details

    Mobile Experience

    When accessing Leganto from a mobile device, all users are presented with the student view. A banner indicates that editing options are only available from the desktop view.

    Indication that you can only edit a list from a computer.
    Indication that the list can only be edited from a computer

    Menus are accessed from the hamburger icon .

    Leganto mobile menu access.

    Menu access

    The action list opens at the bottom of each screen.

    Menus from the mobile view.

    Mobile menus

    A back arrow clipboard_e775eb03544227468eadd039bc8b84600.png is available on each screen.

    The back arrow on each screen.

    Back arrow
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