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    Leganto Release Notes December 2016

    New and Changed Leganto Features

    The following features are new or changed in this month's release of Leganto.
    Several new features are part of an ongoing initiative that implements copyright compliance functionality. All features are scheduled to be complete by the January 2017 release.

    Reports Tab

    A tab was added to Leganto containing analytical information about your reading lists. Information is included for:
    • Reading lists for courses for which you are an associated instructor
    • Reading lists for which you are owner/collaborator
    The information is divided into three sub-tabs:
    • Usage - Student usage information about active, published reading lists. Also see the Analytics sub-tab.
      Reports Tab
      The tab contains the following information:
      • General information for each reading list:
        • Course Code
        • Course Name
        • List Name
        • Start and End Date
        • Total citations - The total number of citations
        • Participants - The total number of students
      • Total usage for each reading list:
        • Active Students - The number of students that interacted with the citation in some method: clicked, liked, commented, viewed the material)
        • Activity Score - The average number of citations interacted with by each student
        • Total Full Text Access - The number of times the full text of any citation was accessed (multiple accesses by the same student count multiple times)
        • Total Comments - The total number of comments on all citations
        • Total Likes - The total number of likes on all citations
        • Total Read It - The total number of citations marked "read it" by each student, added together
      • Weekly usage for each reading list. The No Usage columns are reserved for future use.
      You can select a reading list and then select one of the following options from the menu that appears. The fields are the same as on the parent tab.
      • View Reading List Sections - View usage for this reading list by section.
      • View Reading List Citations - View usage for this reading list by citation
      • View Reading List Citation Types - View usage information by each citation type:
        • Manually Added
        • an External URL
        • Digital
        • Electronic
        • Physical
    • Inactive - Citation usage information about inactive (either past or future), published reading lists. Contains the same information fields as the previous tab.
    • Analysis - Graphical citation usage information about active, published reading lists.
      Reports Tab
      The graphical information includes:
      • A bar chart of usage for each reading list
      • A line chart of weekly usage for each reading list

    Additional Leganto Features

    The following additional features were changed or added in this month's release.
    • In the section menu, the option Import RIS File was changed to Import. You can select the file type on the dialog box that appears. Currently, RIS is the only file type available.
    This feature was originally added to the release notes, but the feature is not yet ready.

    New and Changed Alma Configurations

    For additional Alma changes related to Leganto, see Fulfillment - December 2016 Enhancements.

    Resolved Issues

    The following issues were resolved in this release:
    • (URM-58302) Citation details sometimes overflowed the citation borders in IE (no word wrap). This was fixed.
    • (URM-58303) bX recommendations were sometimes only partially displayed. This was fixed.
    • (URM-63929) Chapter Information did not appear in the reading list page. This was fixed.
    • (URM-64374) There was a problem positioning the cursor when editing a section. This was fixed.
    • (URM-64535) The page/next/previous buttons appearing over a long list of physical items were incorrectly positioned as vertical in the UI. This was fixed.
    • (URM-64555) When there was a long list of suggestions in the right pane, the due date would be pushed off the screen. This was fixed by moving the due date above the list of suggestions.
    • (URM-64593) When viewing Leganto on an iPad, the display sometimes froze when clicking a citation in a reading list. This was fixed.
    • (URM-64631) No date available information appeared for citations with upcoming copyright availability. This was fixed.
    • (URM-64740) The material type was not copied when duplicating a list (citations defaulted to Book). This was fixed.
    • (URM-64982) When trying to drag a citation by the title, the citation was opened instead of dragged. This was fixed. An additional reported issue will be fixed in a future release.
    • (URM-66377) In a previous release, the parameter to change the header color was changed to only change the bottom line of the header and not the entire header. This was supposed to also affect the Login page, but it did not. This was fixed.

    January Sneak Peek

    Features scheduled for January 2017 include the following:
    • Creative Commons licensing - Associate a citation with a creative commons copyright license.
    • Alma upload file to citation - Enable upload/manage citation-related files in Alma.
    • Export citations in RIS format - Enable exporting reading list in RIS format from Leganto.
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