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Leganto New UI Known Issues

Known Issues

The following issues are known to Ex Libris and will be fixed in an upcoming release. If you are not sure if the issue you encountered is covered by the following list, please open a support ticket.

For information on upcoming UI changes, see Upcoming Behavior and Design Changes in Leganto.


Issue Description Planned Release Notes
Accessibility fixes/VPAT June/July 2024 We are making accessibility fixes every month. We will publish a VPAT for the new UI.
Answers for Leganto Questions don't wrap correctly and long answers are cut off Resolved in July 2024  
Bulk actions for sections Resolved in July 2024 Will include options to move sections.
Add metadata and note to instructor brief view Resolved in July 2024  
Indenting sections Resolved in July 2024 We will add a visual indentation option in Q2. We will continue to explore options for subsections, but the full development will take longer.
Students see help documentation for Instructors Resolved in July 2024  
Formatting on notes is not preserved from classic UI to new UI Resolved in July 2024 We will add fix so that the formatting on the student note displays correctly in the new UI.
Instructors/Librarians can't see notes on locked lists August 2024  
Available at another institution (consortium) URM-214062 August 2024 Support for availability from other institutions for customers using Primo classic will be added
Workflow note August 2024 The workflow note doesn't currently display in the Leganto UI. It will be added to the full details.
Available at another institution (consortium) September 2024 Support for availability from other institutions for customers using Primo VE will be added
LTI error messages Q3 2024 The following error messages currently display using the classic UI: 

1. Username is missing. LMS administrator should check if the username is configured to be sent to external tool.

2. Unknown user: [userid]. Please contact the library.

3. Link selection: No resources found for this course. Please click the link below to create a resource list for this course.

Add to clipboard feature Q3 2024 We will bring back the clipboard feature from the classic UI.
Link availability loading screenURM-211300 TBD When an item in stand alone or from upcoming due dates there is sometimes a delay before the links are displayed. We will add an indication that the links are still loading.
Sticker price TBD  
HathiTrust links TBD  
Syndetics Unbound TBD  
Add tag from brief view TBD We received feedback that customers want the option to add a tag from the brief view (not the quick edit). We do not currently have a way to do it that is accessible to screen readers, but we continue to explore options.

Other Known Issues (Not Planned to be Supported)

The following issues are known to Ex Libris, but there are currently no plans to add them to the new UI.

Issue Description Notes
CCC student funded/PayPal integration
The Copyright Clearance Center resources that students pay for using PayPal will not be supported in new UI.  Contact Ex Libris support if this impacts you.
The eye icon with the number of students who viewed this item Removed because the measurements were different from the data captured in analytics. We received feedback that because we presented two different measurements, none of the data was trustworthy.

List advisor

Like an item  

Tip of the day


Student discussion (not annotations)

The student discussion was removed because of low usage. Instructors report they prefer to use the discussion in the Learning Management System. 
The options to annotate PDFs (Read and Respond Assignments and Social Reading) are available in the new UI and use the PDF viewer of the classic UI.

Mark as done – for the instructor


Video recommendations

Guided Tours The tours were removed because it is not feasible to maintain them over time in every new release.
List visibility dates There are list dates, but the list dates do not impact the visibility of the list. Lists still needed to be published, which was confusing for instructors.
Advanced publishing options We removed the option to have advance publishing options display to instructors. The advanced publishing options displayed a column of checkboxes with restricted material access permissions. The library can publish lists in all publishing options and can configured defaults for restricted material access
Google Analytics  We plan to integrate Leganto with Mixpanel analytics in H2 2024. 
Re-link LTI to here There is an option to link to a specific section or item from the "share" button. Many LMS also support the Link Selection feature when using LTI 1.3. All existing LTI links will continue to work.
Embed websites, etc The classic UI had the option to embed websites and other resources into the Leganto UI. In the new UI, there is a viewer for uploaded images and YouTube videos, but other types of resources can not be embedded.
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