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    Customizing Pivot Gallery for your institution

    • Product: Pivot

    Pivot Gallery™ is a customizable public website where an institution can quickly and easily promote its research talent, and their work, to the world.

    This article will take Pivot Gallery subscribers through the Step by Step process for updating their customized website.


    Starting with the home page, an institution can update the Look & Feel of their site to mirror their institution.

    The following items can be customize by the Admin:

    • Logo
    • Top navigation links
    • The header band links
    • The footer band
    • Site tag
    • Background image in the search bar
    • Overall color schemes
    • Column headers within the page
    • Welcome text and image options


    How to Make Changes:

    As an Admin to make changes, you will click the admin tab at the top, which will take you to the Admin Dashboard. Here you can make changes to your Pivot Gallery website. Select the Manage Gallery button and you’re on your way.

    Managing Pivot Gallery:

    There are three sections to managing Pivot Gallery.

    1. Look & Feel
    2. Homepage
    3. Filter & Sort


    1. Look & Feel


    Here you can set the color, add your logo and images and Preview before saving. Selecting Save automatically updates your changes on your Pivot Gallery site.

    Items to select on this page include:

    • Logo
    • Website links
    • Fab Icon
    • Background header colors
    • Background information bar
    • Header and footer links,

    Tip: work with your internal marketing or graphics department to receive the recommendation sized images and color pallets for the look and feel section. It will save you a lot of time.*

    1. Homepage


    Here you can the following; your site short name, site title, labels and set the scholar roles in the order you choose.

    Selecting Reload Page automatically updates your changes on your Pivot Gallery site.

    Items to select on this page include:

    • Site short name – the name you see above the columns on the right
    • Site titles
    • Column titles – example Scholar and Department
    • Welcome text and images
    • Role Order  - Under the Scholar section (first column) you can move the roles in order you like using a drag and drop functionality


    1. Filter & Sort


    Here you can set which roles you want displayed on your website. You can easily remove roles that you do not want listed by checking them off. These will also not appear in any search.

    In addition you can set you Profiles to display in either relevancy or alphabetically.

    Selecting Save automatically updates your changes on your Pivot Gallery site.

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    Date Created:2017-10-10 -This document is intended to walk you through the three ways to search in Pivot Gallery.




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