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Welcome to Pivot

Welcome to the Pivot Support page. On this page you will find the most up-to-date information and resources for Pivot, broken down into easy to navigate sections.

What is Pivot?

For years, ProQuest has been recognized around the world for its coverage and inclusion of funding from a wide variety of sources as well as its access to the world’s research community.

Now, Pivot provides Research Administrators, Research Development Professionals, and individual faculty members the edge – by bringing together the right research opportunities, funding, and people – quickly and easily. It provides global and local connections that strengthen research by exploring new avenues for funding and collaboration – for faculty, staff researchers, and graduate students.

Built from the ground up, Pivot combines the best of what our customers loved in our world-renowned COS Funding Opportunities and COS Scholar Universe with intelligent mapping features that expedite funding discovery, dissemination, and collaboration. With Pivot, connecting the right opportunities with the right people is routine.

Pivot is a power tool that:

  • Provides access to the most comprehensive global source of funding opportunities—totaling billions of dollars and growing
  • Identifies researcher expertise from within or outside of your organization from millions of profiles from leading research organizations worldwide
  • Fosters collaboration by cultivating essential partnerships and alliances
  • Enhances communication, monitoring, and tracking individual faculty, teams, or researchers and the Research Development office
  • Allows the focus to be on winning the necessary awards and grants
  • Builds strong network connections for future opportunities

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