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    Swepub Collections in CDI


    During May-June 2021, after discussing with the Swedish community, Swepub content in CDI improved with the following changes.

    • Open Access and Full text Indications were improved. 
    • All collections (but "SWEPUB Freely available online") are working as A&I collections and will use LinkResolver linking. 
    • Records with no access to full text will not show as available in first search.
    • Match and Merge logic was improved so that duplicate records will be merged although their URL is different.


    Swepub content is available in several collections

    • Swepub: This collection includes all of Swepub content, of all content types and all institutions, open access and not open access.
    • Swepub Freely available online - Includes only the Open access and full text content.
    • Content types Collections - Collections of specific content types, as detailed below
    • Institutional collections - Collections of specific contributing institutions, as detailed below

    Unless there is specific need in the Content types or specific institutions, customers are advised to activate the General Swepub collection or only the SWEPUB Freely available online collection if there is no need for records with no Full text.

    Full list of Swepub collections:


    Collection ID Collection name SFX Target Name DBID Swepub Publication Type Code
    614900000000001746 SwePub SWEPUB ADTPV  
    6114010750000041 SWEPUB Freely available online SWEPUB_FREELY_AVAILABLE_ONLINE D8T  
    614900000000001762 SwePub Articles SWEPUB_ARTICLES AOWAS art,for
    614900000000001764 SwePub Thesis SWEPUB_THESIS DBVSS dok,lic
    614900000000001766 SwePub Book SWEPUB_BOOK BKCIP bok
    614900000000001768 SwePub Book Chapter SWEPUB_BOOK_CHAPTER BMRNB kap
    614900000000001770 SwePub Conference SWEPUB_CONFERENCE BNKNJ kon
    614900000000001772 SwePub Review SWEPUB_REVIEW CYRGA rec
    614900000000001774 SwePub Patent SWEPUB_PATENT CAROB pat
    614900000000001790 SwePub Other SWEPUB_OTHER BZJLE ovr
    614900000000001791 SwePub Reports SWEPUB_REPORTS CGHDS rap
    614900000000001792 SwePub Artistic SWEPUB_ARTISTIC AYOXH kfu
    614900000000001793 SwePub Editorial SWEPUB_EDITORIAL BTSUP sam,pro
    6114109380000041 SWEPUB Uppsala universitet SWEPUB_UPPSALA_UNIVERSITET DF2  
    6114109390000041 SWEPUB Umeå universitet SWEPUB_UME_UNIVERSITET D93  
    6114109400000041 SWEPUB Stockholms universitet SWEPUB_STOCKHOLMS_UNIVERSITET DG7  
    6114109410000041 SWEPUB Sophiahemmet Högskola SWEPUB_SOPHIAHEMMET_HGSKOLA DF4  
    6114109420000041 SWEPUB Södertörns högskola- SwePub SWEPUB_SDERTRNS_HGSKOLA-_SWEPUB DF8  
    6114109430000041 SWEPUB Örebro universitet SWEPUB_REBRO_UNIVERSITET D91  
    6114109440000041 SWEPUB Nordiska Afrikainstitutet SWEPUB_NORDISKA_AFRIKAINSTITUTET DG4  
    6114109450000041 SWEPUB Mittuniversitetet SWEPUB_MITTUNIVERSITETET DG5  
    6114109460000041 SWEPUB Malmö högskola SWEPUB_MALM_HGSKOLA DG1  
    6114109470000041 SWEPUB Mälardalens högskola SWEPUB_MLARDALENS_HGSKOLA DF7  
    6114109480000041 SWEPUB Lunds universitet SWEPUB_LUNDS_UNIVERSITET D95  
    6114109490000041 SWEPUB Linnéuniversitetet SWEPUB_LINNUNIVERSITETET D92  
    6114109500000041 SWEPUB Linköpings universitet SWEPUB_LINKPINGS_UNIVERSITET DG8  
    6114109510000041 SWEPUB Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan SWEPUB_KUNGLIGA_TEKNISKA_HGSKOLAN D8V  
    6114109520000041 SWEPUB Karlstads universitet SWEPUB_KARLSTADS_UNIVERSITET DG3  
    6114109530000041 SWEPUB Högskolan Väst SWEPUB_HGSKOLAN_VST DF5  
    6114109550000041 SWEPUB Högskolan Kristianstad SWEPUB_HGSKOLAN_KRISTIANSTAD D96  
    6114109560000041 SWEPUB Högskolan i Skövde SWEPUB_HGSKOLAN_I_SKVDE DF6  
    6114109570000041 SWEPUB Högskolan i Jönköping SWEPUB_HGSKOLAN_I_JNKPING D8X  
    6114109580000041 SWEPUB Högskolan i Halmstad SWEPUB_HGSKOLAN_I_HALMSTAD D8Z  
    6114109590000041 SWEPUB Högskolan i Gävle SWEPUB_HGSKOLAN_I_GVLE D8W  
    6114109600000041 SWEPUB Högskolan i Borås SWEPUB_HGSKOLAN_I_BORS DF9  
    6114109610000041 SWEPUB Högskolan Dalarna SWEPUB_HGSKOLAN_DALARNA DG6  
    6114109620000041 SWEPUB Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan SWEPUB_GYMNASTIK-_OCH_IDROTTSHGSKOLAN DF1  
    6114109630000041 SWEPUB Försvarshögskolan SWEPUB_FRSVARSHGSKOLAN D8Y  
    6114109640000041 SWEPUB Ersta Sköndal högskola SWEPUB_ERSTA_SKNDAL_HGSKOLA DG2  
    6114109650000041 SWEPUB Blekinge Tekniska Högskola SWEPUB_BLEKINGE_TEKNISKA_HGSKOLA DF3  

    SWEPUB Högskolan på Gotland

    *Currently Not in CDI*

    SWEPUB_HGSKOLAN_P_GOTLAND D94 - *Currenly Not in CDI*  

    SWEPUB Chalmers tekniska högskola

    *Currently Not in CDI*





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