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    Installation Requirements

    In order to log on to the server, an initial user by the name of exlibris with access to su or sudo is required. This user can be deleted after the installation. 

    Ex Libris needs the root password for the following functions:

    • Create the following users:

      • Primo with the group ID exlibris

      • Oracle with the group ID dba

    • Enable the users listed above to create directories and files under the filesystems: /exlibris, /exlibris1, /exlibris2, and so forth.

    • Install Primo and the additional software listed in Server Requirements.

    • Add automatic activation of Primo servers and Oracle to the machine’s boot process.

    • Reboot the machine to activate the changes made to the system parameters during the installation process and to test the automatic activation of Primo and Oracle. The reboot will be coordinated with you.

    • Work under csh. Ex Libris products and the users listed above work under csh.

    The system manager must be available throughout the Primo installation. The system manager must define an alias for the host name in /etc/hosts.

    If Oracle is already installed, the DBA must also be available during installation.

    Verify that the following operations are available for sudo:

    Installation Operations
    Operation Description

    Create users and groups

    • useradd
    • groupadd
    • vipw

    Change system parameters

    Sun Solaris servers: /etc/system file

    Linux: /etc/rc.d/rc.local and /etc/security/limits.conf files

    Create directories and change permissions

    • mkdir
    • chown

    Create files

    /etc directory (necessary for autostartup mechanism)

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