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    Highlight reference entry on top - how to understand when it is displayed or not

    • Product: Primo ; Primo VE


    How to understand when a reference entry is displayed at top of the results.


    CDI maintains a separate topic index, consisting of topics and their synonyms taken from the reference sources that we index. When this feature is enabled, searches are first compared to our topic index, and if there is a match and a corresponding reference entry from one of the collections for which you have active full text, the highlighted topic appears at the top of the search list.

    If a topic match is not found, no reference entry will appear at the top of the results.

    The CDI topics were originally identified by mining queries and phrases from CDI searches, and matching them against Wikipedia (to ensure that the searches map to actual concepts or things). Wikipedia and encyclopedia articles from CDI source collections listed below (such as Credo Reference, Encyclopedia Britannica, and so forth) are matched to topics as part of the regular CDI content loading cycle. The topic list is maintained as part of the CDI index. You can submit requests for new topic entries to Ex Libris Support for evaluation and inclusion. 

    Highlighted reference entries appear under following conditions:

    • The relevant reference resource is activated in Alma and has been published to CDI. 

    • The Active for Search in CDI field is set to Yes in the electronic collection in Alma.

    • The searched term has a clear match in the reference source.

    • The reference entry has a full text available.

    • The reference entry has a valid description.

    Eligible source collections include the following:

    • Encyclopedia Britannica
    • Credo
    • Gale Virtual Reference Library
    • Oxford University Press
      • Grove Music
      • Oxford Bibliographies Online
      • Oxford Research Encyclopedias
      • American Dictionary of National Biography Online
      • Oxford Very Short Introductions
    • WorldBook
    • Wikipedia


    To enable this feature in Primo:
    1. Open the Views Wizard (Primo Home > Ongoing Configuration Wizards > Views Wizard) and edit your view.

    2. Select Highlight reference entry on top.

    3. Save and deploy the view.

    To enable this feature in Primo VE (which requires the Discovery-Admin role):
    1. Open the View Configuration page (Configuration > Discovery > Display Configuration > Configure Views).

    2. Select the Edit row action to edit your view.

    3. In the General Tab, select Highlight reference entry on top.

    4. Save the view.

    Article last edited: 11-Jan-2024