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    How to add a 'Forgot My Password' link to the login page in the new UI when using Alma for authentication

    • Product: Primo, Primo VE



    How do I add a 'Forgot My Password' or 'Reset Password' link to the login page in the new UI for an Alma authentication profile?


    This can be done by adding a link to the login page that will lead to an Alma reset password page:

    https://<your Alma domain>/view/resetPw?institutionCode=<inst code>&backUrl=<Primo’s URL>

    Please note: The Primo URL in the backUrl parameter should be entered as an encoded URL. (you can use this site for example: )

    (for example,

    The link configured will appear under the 'Need help signing in?' section:


    To display the page in a specific language, add the parameter language_code with 2 letter code of the relevant language. For example: &language_code=fr

    Configuration in Primo

    1. In the Primo Back Office, navigate to: Primo Home > Advanced Configuration > All Mapping Tables
    2. Edit the 'User Login Links' mapping table
    3. Create a new row:
      1. Link Code - The link that is being added.
      2. Link URL - The URL to the reset password page that is described above.
      3. Description - An internal description of the link
      For example:
    4. In the Primo Back Office, navigate to: Primo Home > Advanced Configuration > All Code Tables
    5. Edit the 'User Login' Code Table
    6. Customize the '' code to the desired label.
      For example:
    Configuration in Primo VE
    1. In Alma, Open the User Authentication page (Configuration Menu > Discovery > Authentication > User Authentication) and select the Profiles tab (which is the default tab).
    2. Select Edit next to the login link for which you want to add a help page:


    Additional Information

    The link that is sent by e-mail is valid for one hour. There is no limit how often it may be used during that hour.

    For more information:



    • Article last edited: 29-Apr-2021
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