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    How to create a dynamic facet in Primo VE

    • Product: Primo VE

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    To create a new dynamic facet that displays in Primo VE

    Example: Defined a new dynamic facet for "Indigenous Languages" based on MARC 041, indicator 7, $a

    1. Go to Alma>Configuration>Discovery>'Local Fields using Search and Facet Normalization Rules' and define a local field to use search & facet normalization rules

    2. Map the relevant MARC field from your data to the local field defined above (more details can be found here):

    2.1 Go to Alma>Configuration>Discovery>Manage display and local fields

    2.2 Click on 'Add field'>'Add local field'

    2.3 Under 'Field to Edit' select the selected field in step #1

    2.4 Provide the local field a Display label for the facet name, such as "Indigenous Languages"

    2.5 Check the following checkboxes:

    2.5.1 Enable field for search

    2.5.2 Enable field for facet

    2.5.3 Use Translations

    2.6 Edit 'MARC21 normalization rule for search and facet' in order to retrieve the data from the 041 field, indicator 7, subfield a.

    ->Suggested rule:

    rule "Primo VE Marc - Lsr07"


            MARC is "041"(" ","7")."a"


            create pnx."search"."lsr07" with MARC "041"."a"


    2.7 In order to display the Indigenous language in full display:

    2.7.1 Edit 'MARC21 normalization rule for display' in order to display the data from the 041 field, indicator 7, subfield a.

    > Suggested rule (note this is not the same rule as step #2.6):

    rule "Primo VE - Lds07"
            MARC is "041"(" ","7")."a"
            create pnx."display"."lds07" with MARC "041"."a"

    2.8 Click on 'Save' and under 'Manage Display and Local Fields' page, click on 'Apply rules'

    3. Prepare an Excel file with the Indigenous language codes and the description

    -> An example file is attached to this article (rowsForView.xlsx)

    4. Configure the Indigenous Languages translation (more details can be found here):

    4.1 Go to Alma>Configuration>Discovery>Labels>Edit 'Local Field Translate' table

    4.2 Click on Import, select the excel file you prepared and click on 'Upload'

    4.3 Verify the data correctness and click on 'Import Rows'

    5. In order to enable the new facet:

    5.1 Go to Alma>Configuration>Discovery>Configure Views>Edit the desired view

    5.2 Go to 'Brief Results' tab>Click on 'Add a Local Facet'>Select the new local facet

    6. Relevant records needs to be re-indexed so - Using this guide, Create a set with all records that contain Indigenous language codes

    6.1 Go to Alma>'Admin' tab>Run a Job>Select 'Recalculate Local Resource Types Job'>Next>Select the set from the previous step>Submit

    6.2 Once the job will finish, the new facet will be visible

    • Article last edited: 23-Jan-2020
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