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    How to use 'Prevent FRBR and/or Dedup in Discovery' job

    • Product: Primo VE

    If you wish to prevent from Primo VE to group specific records into a FRBR/DEDUP group, please run the follow steps:


    1. Create a Set

    1.1 Perform a search (simple of advanced) for the desired records

    NOTE: search must be precise, since all records in the search result will be affected from this process

    1.2 Click Save Query

    1.3 In the 'Set Details' screen, fill in the mandatory 'set name' field

    1.4 Click Save


    2. Run the "Prevent FRBR and/or Dedup in Discovery" job

    2.1 Go to Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Run a job

    2.2 Search for name: "Prevent FRBR and/or Dedup in Discovery"

    2.3 Select the job and click Next

    2.4 Search for the set created in the previous step, select it, and click Next

    2.5 Prevent FRBR in Discovery: Select "Yes"

    2.5.1 Select "No" if you do not want to suppress FRBR while suppressing Dedup

    2.6 Prevent Dedup in Dicsovery: Select "Yes"

    2.6.1 Select "No" if you do not want to suppress Dedup while suppressing FRBR

    2.7 Click Next

    2.8 Click Submit


    See more information about Dedup/FRBR in PrimoVE in 'Understanding the Dedup and FRBR Processes (Primo VE)'


    • Article last edited: 14-Feb-2021
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