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    Why there are no results retrieved when searching in our EBSCO scope

    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: 4
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare


    EBSCO adaptor is configured in the Primo Back Office, yet, a search in EBSCO scope returns 0 results.

    EBSCO API requires users to log in before searching, otherwise no results will appear


    1. Perform the EBSCO API test as described here: How to test EBSCO API outside of Primo  
    2. If results retrieved via EBSCO API outside of Primo, than
      1. Go to Primo Back Office > All Mapping Tables > 'Deep Search Plugin Parameters' mapping table
      2. Under the Plugin column choose Ebsco
      3. Verify that the PASSWORD, USERNAME and DB parameters are identical to the ones used to perform the EBSCO API test in the first step.
      4. If needed, change the values of the parameters, Save, and deploy Deep Search Configuration.

    The password will most likely be encrypted so to ensure it is correct, re-enter it in the encrypted field.

    1. If EBSCO API returns results and the information in the 'Deep Search Plugin Parameters' mapping table is correct, submit a support case

    For Total Care customers - if EBSCO API returns results when tested outside of Primo, submit a support case including the following information that was used in the test:

        The db values
        The prof value
        The pwd value 

    • Article last edited: 26-Apr-2017