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Primo pipe: OAI harvest fails with 503 response

  • Product: Primo    
  • Product Version: any
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local



Pipe with OAI harvesting fails and an error message similar to this is visible in the harvest log:


2014-09-01 04:44:34,965 INFO [t-HarvestByOAI] [c-OAIHarvester] - The OAI request is: [...] 
2014-09-01 04:44:35,177 INFO [t-HarvestByOAI] [c-OAIHarvester] - Response code is : 503 
2014-09-01 04:44:35,183 WARN [t-HarvestByOAI] [c-OAIHarvester] - The request for data resulted in an invalid response from the provider. Error: Premature end of file. 


Response code 503 indicates that the OAI service in the source has been unavailable at this specific time. This causes an invalid XML response for Primo file splitter. In many cases harvest will work at a later time as the unavailability might be caused by maintenance or planned downtime. Please terminate the pipe job and execute again. If this error occurs again or occurs periodically please contact the administration of the source repository.




  • Article last edited: 05-October-2016