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    The reference indicators ("Y"/"N") of browse subject are displayed in facet and display fields

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo

    Problem Symptoms:
    - The ILS sends the correct information for cross reference in browse (subfield P)
    - Cross reference in browse works, but the indicators are displayed also in facet and display fields. For example:
    display: <subject>test -- Y</subject>

    Normalization rules weren't updated correctly.

    A fix in the normalization rules templates was released in SP 4.5.1. In order to apply it (on Primo 4.5.1 and above):
    - In the back office, edit the local normalization set
    - Go to the relevant field (for example- display/subject)
    - At the bottom of the edit page, use the "Synchronize with Template" option. It will overwrite the current rules and update them with the fixed template.
    - Save the rules, deploy and run an update pipe.

    * If the local rules were created manually and different than the template, it is possible to correct the rules manually: if in the rule display/subject there is an exclude for subfields "v,x,y,z", add subfield "P" to the exception. This way the content of $$P won't be included in the PNX field.
    * The preference indicators may appear in facet/topic fields as well, this field was fixed as well in version 4.5.1.

    Additional Information

    Information on the fix to the normalization rules template can be found in: "Primo version 4 highlights", Chapter 3: New Back Office Functionality, Support Browse in Normalization Rules

    • Article last edited: 1/5/2015