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    Using Primo Force Dedup and Eshelf

    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: Versions prior to Primo November 2016 Release
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Multi-Tenant Direct, Local, Total Care



    • Unable to add some items to Eshelf following pipe run or during Indexing & Hotswapping process.
    • Items may appear to add, but do not really add to Eshelf.
    • Force Dedup was enabled in Pipe Configuration for a Harvest Pipe or Update Pipe.


    If Force Dedup and Force FRBR are turned on for a pipe run, current Dedup and FRBR vectors (including the group ids) for records related to the pipe are deleted and new ones are created during the pipe.

    This results in new dedupmrg ids, and therefore new recordIDs, for the Deduped records. 


    Until Indexing & Hotswapping (I&H) are complete, the "old" dedupmrg recordids are used by the FE because they are still in the Primo Index. 
    Adding the DEDUPed records to the Eshelf before I&H is complete will try to add a record to the Eshelf tables that technically no longer exists.

    This is why the addition fails.

    Force Dedup and Force FRBR are settings that were designed to be enabled only occasionally, as-needed.

    They are not intended to be enabled permanently, and are best used for pipes that are executed during off hours to minimize impact with patrons and staff users..




    • Article last edited: 04-October-2016