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    Why am I not seeing request options when user is logged in?

    • Product: Classic Primo, Alma
    • Product Version: Primo February 2018 Release and later

    This Article does not apply to Primo VE implementations. This information is relevant to Classic Primo only.


    What should I check if the 'Request' link is not showing when a user is signed in?


    A. Check primo_pds_url in Alma
    1. Go to Alma > Administration > General Configuration > Configuration Menu > General Configuration > Other Settings
    2. Find one of the following rows using the parameter key column
      • For Sandbox testing find the row primo_test_pds_url
      • For Production use find the row primo_pds_url
    3. Update the value in the parameter value column base on your Primo Authentication Profiles
      • For a PDS Profile: https://<pds_server>/pds?
      • For a non-PDS Profile: https://<Primo Base>/primo_library/libweb/webservices/rest/PDSUserInfo?
    4. Click Save
    B. Request link from other institution's not showing

    Verify that the Almagetit template includes the following:



    if the req_user parameter is visible, but empty in the final openURL in Primo, please open a case to Support.

    C. Primo IP is blocked by Alma

    Since the allowed IPs table is restricted, please open a case to Support to check if the Primo IP is not being blocked by Alma.


    • Article last edited: 02-May-2018




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