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    Why old location display name shows in Primo after updating in Voyager?

    • Product: Primo, Voyager


    The OPAC Display Name for a location in Voyager was updated, but the old display name is still showing for many records in Primo. Why isn't the new display name showing for all of them?


    OPAC Display Name is a change to the location made in System Administration.

    When the daily Publishing extract for Primo checks for changes in Voyager, it is checking for updates to Cataloging records (bibliographic, holdings, and item records, and headings updates).

    Because updating the display name does not alter or update the holdings record, which stores the Location Code, the records are not re-extracted with the new Display Name until an update is made to the holdings record, or a Selective extract is run to extract all records associated with the location with the updated Display Name.

    Example from where Display Name was changed from 1st Floor to 2nd Floor (note different Display Names):


    Additional Information

    Some location information will be updated and correct as it is rendered in real time by Primo from Voyager, but other Display Name information is taken from the PNX and will be incorrect until the record is re-extracted and republished in Primo.  

    Run a Selective extract in Voyager to re-extract records associated with the changed OPAC Display Name and update the PNX records in Primo. See "How to run Selective extract" for more information on extracting your records.

    Sample query to create a list of bib record IDs to use with the Selective Extract:

    select BIB_MFHD.BIB_ID
    from BIB_MFHD
    and MFHD_MASTER.LOCATION_ID= {LOCATION_ID of location with updated display name}

    • Article last edited: 05-Sep-2019