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Deleting External Data Sources for Primo VE

The Delete External Data Sources job (Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Run a Job) in Alma allows you to remove records that you have loaded directly into Primo VE with a Discovery import profile.


Run a Job - Select Job to Run Page
To delete all records in an external data source:
  1. Open the Run a Job page in Alma (Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Run a Job).

  2. Filter the list by the Discovery Management type.

  3. Select the radio button for Delete External Data Sources job.

  4. Select Next.

  5. From the Data Source field, select the profile name that was used to import the records. If more than one profile was used to import the same records, choose the last one used.


    Run a Job - Enter Task Parameters Page
  6. Select Next.

  7. Confirm the data source information and the select Submit.


    Run a Job - Review and Confirm Page
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