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    Configuring the Services Page for Primo VE

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    As a link resolver, Alma provides services for searches performed in sources other than Alma (such as Google Scholar). Alma’s link resolver uses the Services page, which is a dedicated Primo page that provides a subset of the capabilities (such as suppressed Main menu links, Search section, and Details service) that the Full Display page provides in Primo, to display a record's services.
    Example Services Page

    In order for third-party sources to display Alma services, you must instruct the sources to send a base URL in the following format to Primo VE:


    Where the base URL includes the following elements:

    • Primo_domain – Specify the domain for your Primo server.

    • Alma_institution_code – Specify the institution code defined in Alma.

    • view_code – Specify the code that is defined for your view on the View Configuration page. For example: 01MY_INST:MyView.


    Since externally loaded records are not stored in Alma's inventory, they do not appear on the Services page. For more information about external records, see Loading Records from External Sources into Primo VE.

    Configuration Options

    No additional configuration is needed since the Services page (which is a subset of the Full Display page) uses the same settings that are used for your institution's view. For more information on how to configure options that are associated with both the Services and Full Display pages, see the following sections:

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