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    Configuring Hypertext Link Definitions for Primo VE

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    Primo VE enables you to define which display fields permit hypertext linking in the Details section of the record's full display. To create links that perform advanced searches within Primo VE, you must configure the Hypertext Linking Definitions mapping table and ensure that Advanced Search is enabled for the search field (see Configuring Advanced Searches).


    Hypertext Links on Full Display Page

    If the display field contains the $$Q subfield in Primo VE's normalized record, the system performs an advanced search using the contents of the $$Q subfield instead of the display text when a user clicks the display field's hypertext link.

    <creator>Fitzgerald-Jones, Sandra 1938- interviewer$$QFitzgerald-Jones, Sandra</creator>


    In general, hypertext links are handled in the normalization rules of display and local fields. If you are looking to add an external link to a field, see the following articles:

    To configure a new display label:
    1. Open the Hypertext Linking Definitions page (Configuration Menu > Discovery > Display Configuration > Hypertext Linking Definitions).


      Hypertext Linking Definitions Page
    2. Add a display field:

      1. Select Add Row to open the dialog box.

      2. Specify the following information for the display field.

        • Display Field – The display field for which you want to enable hypertext linking.

        • Search Index – Indicates which search field the system should search when the link is selected by the user. If you specify Any, the system checks all search fields for a match. To use this functionality, the search fields must be configured for Advanced Search. For more information, see Configuring Advanced Searches.

        • Search Operator – Indicates whether the display field's search information must exactly match (contains exact phrase) or partially match (contains) the contents of the record's search field. The default setting is contains exact phrase.

          For Title, Author and Subject display field links only, this configuration is overridden at the view level if the following settings are enabled in the Advanced Search Configuration tab on the View Configuration page (Configuration > Discovery > Display Configuration > Configure Views):

          • The Equals exact phrase operator is enabled in the Search Operators section.

          • The Use "Equals exact phrase" for hypertext linking (for Title, Author and Subject only) checkbox is selected for the Equals exact phrase operator.

          For more details, see Changing the Supported Search Profile Slots for Search Operators.

        • Context Field – Indicates whether the hyperlink appears on the full view of records in all search scopes (ANY) or just the full view of records in the local scope (L). Clicking the hyperlink performs a search using the same scopes used for the search that returned the current record.

      3. Select Add Row in the dialog box to save the new display field.

    3. Ensure that the Enabled field is active for the new display field.

    4. Select Save or Customize (first time only).

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