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    Direct Linking to the Purchase Request Form in Primo VE

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    Based on whether a particular title is not held by your institution, the Purchase Request Form appears as a service for the title on the Full Display page. In addition, Primo VE enables you to add a link to the Main Menu to enable users to make a purchase request for any title by filling in a blank Purchase Request Form.


    Purchase Request Link in Main Menu

    Selecting the link opens a blank Purchase Request For. For guest users, the system first prompts the user to sign in before displaying the request form.


    Blank Purchase Request Form

    For information on how to customize the form, see Configuring Request Forms for Primo VE

    To add the link to the Main Menu:
    1. On the Views List page (Configuration Menu > Discovery > Display Configuration > Configure Views), edit your view to open the View Configuration page.

    2. Open the Links Menu tab.


      Links Menu Tab on View Configuration Page
    3. Edit the PurchaseRequest code. The Edit Menu Link page opens.


      Edit Menu Link Page
    4. Configure the following display labels as needed:

      • Label – Defines the display label for the link.

      • Description – Defines the display label for the link's description.


      Labels for Blank Purchase Request Link.
    5. Select Save to save your changes to the labels and to return to the View Configuration page.

    6. Enable the Active field for the PurchaseRequest code. 

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