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    Creating an Institution

    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. For more details on Primo VE configuration, see Primo VE.
    The Institutions List page allows on-premises customers to add institutions to their Primo installation.
    Only installation-level staff users that are assigned the Superadmin role are permitted to create institutions.
    To create an institution:
    1. In the Create a New Institution area, enter your institution's information (see Create a New Institution Details for a list of fields).
      Create a New Institution Details
      Field name Description
      Institution Code
      The institution's internal ID code as appears in the institution field of the PNX.
      Since lowercase letters cannot be used in institution codes, the system will automatically save all lowercase letters to uppercase letters.
      Primo Institution Name
      The name of the institution, specifying where the field is displayed in the system.
      Descriptive information about the institution.
    2. Click Create.
      The new institution appears on the Institutions List page.
    3. Configure the details for the new institution. For more information, see Editing an Institution.
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