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    Creating a Library

    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. For more details on Primo VE configuration, see Primo VE.
    A single institution can have several libraries, just as there can be more than one physical library in large institutions.
    When you create a library, the system automatically performs the following configurations:
    • Copies the values from the Primo Library Code and the Primo Library Name fields to the Library Names code table.
    • Copies the values from the Primo Library Code and the Source ILS Library Code fields to the ILS Library Codes mapping table.
    To create a library:
    1. On the Institutions List page, click Edit next to the institution to which you want to add a library.
      The Edit Institution page opens (see Edit Institution Page (1 of 3)).
    2. In the Create a New Library area, enter the new library's information (see Add Library Details for a list of fields).
      Add Library Details
      Field name Description
      Primo Library Code
      The Primo library code. This is a view-only field.
      Source ILS Library codes
      The ILS data source code that is mapped to the Library Code. This mapping is used by the normalization rules. If there are several codes that need to be mapped to the same library, separate the codes with commas.
      Primo Library Name
      The name of the library.
      By default, the Libraries section of this page opens only the en_US language translations for each library. To view translations for another language, select a language from the Language drop-down list at the top of the column.
    3. Click Create.
      The library is created and appears in the list of libraries.
    4. Click Save.
      The Creating an IP range page opens.