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    Loading Libraries

    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. For more details on Primo VE configuration, see Primo VE.
    The Institution wizard allows you to load a list of libraries into the database from a tab delimited file. The file can be loaded on the following pages of the Institution Wizard:
    • Institutions List (see Institutions List Page) – this load is intended for sites that want to load libraries from multiple institutions in a single file.
    • Edit Institution (see Edit Institution Page (1 of 3)) – this load is intended for sites that want to load the libraries for a single institution.
    During the load process, the system validates the file before loading the libraries into the database. If an error occurs during the following checks, the file is not loaded:
    • All mandatory columns are filled in.
    • The Institution codes are valid.
    • Primo Library codes are unique within the file and the database.
    • The field lengths are valid.
    • The Language codes are valid.
    If validation is successful, Primo loads the new libraries, replaces any existing libraries, and deletes any libraries that are marked for deletion. The match is performed on the combination of institution and library code.
    Results of the load display in a log, which opens either error messages or a confirmation message for a successful load.

    The Structure of the Library List File

    The input file that is used to load a list of libraries must be a text file that has UTF-8 encoding. It must contain the following fields delimited by tabs:
    • Column 1 – Primo institution code. Maximum length is 255.
    • Column 2 – Source Library code. All possible values should be in the same cell separated by commas. In addition, it is possible for the source library code to be created from two or more strings by adding a space. Primo treats them like a single value. For example:
      • ABC,XYZ – two source codes.
      • ABC XYZ – single source code.
      The maximum length of each source code for the same Primo Library is 100.
    • Column 3 – Primo Library code. Maximum length is 255.
      In Primo Version 4.7 and earlier releases, the import process converts column 3 to uppercase. If you attempt to re-import the same value (non-uppercase), you will receive an error indicating that this library code has already been added. To resolve this issue, change this column to uppercase values. In subsequent releases, you will be allowed to specify case-sensitive codes like you can with the Create a New Library section in the Institution Wizard.
    • Column 4 – Primo Library name. Maximum length is 255. This is the library name in the default language (en_US). Names in additional languages can be defined in the following columns. This column is mandatory. If you use the English interface, the Primo copies the Library name from column 7 to column 4 as the English name. If you only use a single language interface, you can fill in only this column because the English version is used as the default for all languages.
    • Column 5 – This column contains the delete flag. If you want to delete the library, enter DEL in this column.
    • Column 6 – Language code of additional language 1.
    • Column 7 – Library name in additional language 1.
    • Column 8 – Language code of additional language 2.
    • Column 9 – Library name in additional language 2.
    • Column x – as needed.
    The following figure shows an example of a tab-delimited file.
    NORTH NARCH,NARCC NARCH North Campus Archives fr_FR Name in French
    NORTH NAR BB NARBB North Campus BBBBB fr_FR Name in French2
    NORTH AINTE AINTE Internet fr_FR Internete
    Sample Tab Delimited File
    To load a library file on the Institutions List page:
    1. In the Load Libraries section on the Institutions List page, enter the input file or click Browse to select a file.
    2. Click Load.
    To load a library file on the Edit Institution page:
    1. On the Institutions List page, click Edit next to the institution you want to update.
    2. In the Load Libraries section on the Edit Institution page, enter the input file or click Browse to select a file.
    3. Click Load.
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