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    Scheduling Analytics Jobs

    This information is applicable to Primo environments only. If you are looking to create and manage reports for Primo VE, see Primo VE Analytics.

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    The Schedule Reports and Dashboards page (Primo Home > Schedule Primo Analytics) allows you to manage your report and dashboard jobs, create new jobs, modify existing jobs, and monitor the status of your jobs (using the Last Run Date and Last Run Status fields).
    For each job, you can specify the following information:
    • The report or dashboard located under the Primo and Institutional folders in the Analytics database.
    • The scheduling frequency.
    • The type of report (dashboard or report).
    • The format of the report.
    • Email recipients of the report.
    • FTP server details to share report with your institution.
    Schedule Reports and Dashboards Page
    To create a new Analytics job:
    1. On the Scheduled Reports and Dashboards page, click Create a new Schedule. The Create a Schedule page opens.
      Create a Schedule Page
    2. Specify the following fields:
      • Title – The report job’s name.
      • Description – An optional description of the report you are scheduling.
      • Analytics Folder – The Primo Analytics folder from which to select a report or dashboard.
      • Report – The report or dashboard that you are scheduling.
      • Format – The output format of the report or dashboard that you are scheduling. The following options are permitted for reports only: PDF, Excel, and Text. For dashboards, only PDF is permitted.
      • Schedule Type – Indicates the type of report that you are scheduling. Select either Scheduled Report or Scheduled Dashboard.
      • Frequency – Indicates how the job should be run. When scheduled, the job will run at 2 AM on the scheduled day. The following frequencies are supported:
      • Monthly – allows you to specify the day of the month.
      • Weekly – allows you to specify a day of the week.
      • Daily
      • Emails – A comma-separated list of email addresses to which the report is sent.
        The scheduled report or dashboard is sent as an attachment to the email addresses specified in this list. The attachment is limited to 65,000 lines. If the maximum is reached, no report will be sent.
      • FTP – When selected, the following fields appear, allowing you save a report or dashboard to your FTP server: FTP server, Username, Password, and Directory. To test the connection to the FTP server, select Test Connection.
    3. Click Save.
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