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    If you are working with Primo VE and not Primo, see Configuring Discovery Views for Primo VE.

    Facets are links in the Tweak My Results section on the Brief Results page that allow users to filter their search results by a specific category (such as creator, language, and topic).


    Facets on the Brief Results Page

    For each facet, a maximum of 20 facet links are presented for results returned from CDI (Central Discovery Index) and all records in the results set participate in facet count calculation for the top 20 values displayed.

    Primo allows you to configure the following kinds of facets:

    • Dynamic – facets in which the values for each facet category (such as topic) are derived from the values stored in the Facets section of the 2,000 top-ranked PNX records in the search results. Once the system determines which values to display for each category, it will count the matching records from the first 50,000 results per slice and display the count next to the facet value. For more information, see Configuring Facets.

      • For the classic UI only, a facet value will not appear if it appears in every record in the results set.

      • In general, all facets are dynamic unless you define and enable static values for the facet. 

    • Static – facets in which the values for a facet category are taken from a list of predefined values that is defined in a static facets values mapping table (such as facet_rtype_values). Static facets are useful for categories (such as resource type) that have a limited number of possible values and do not exceed 200 values, which is the maximum limit for static facets. It guarantees that a facet will display even if it does not have a matching record in the 2,000 top-ranked records.

      After the system retrieves the list of facet values for each category, it counts the number of matching records found in the first 50,000 results per slice and then displays the count next to each of the predefined facet values. If a facet value does not have any matching records, it will not display on the Brief Results page.

      All static facet labels display on the Brief Results page regardless of the value specified in the Maximum number of Display Facets field on the Search Engine Configurations page.

      For more information, see Configuring Static Facets.

    • Top-level – static links that are listed under the Availability facet on the Brief Results page. Unlike other kinds of facets, top-level facets display even if matching results are found only in one category (such as Available in the library). For more information, see Configuring Top-Level Facets.

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