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    Configuring Contextual Relationships for the New Primo UI

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    As part of our Central Discovery Index project (CDI), we have created a graph database that contains relationships between records so that users can explore the following types of relationships easily from a record's full display.

    Supported Related Reading Relationships
    Relation from Relation to Usage

    Books (local and CDI)

    Chapters of the book (CDI)

    Allows users to view specific chapters from the book.

    Books (local and CDI)

    Reviews of the book (CDI)

    Allows users to view any related book reviews.

    Chapters (CDI)

    Other chapters in the book (CDI)

    Allows users to view other chapters from the book.

    For books to book chapters relationships, matches are based on ISBN/eISBN, and for books to book review relationships, matches are also based on title. For title matching, a conservative approach is used (for example, by disregarding short titles) to avoid incorrect mappings, but it may result in fewer matches of this relationship.

    After displaying a record's full details, one or more links to related reading information may appear for the record:


    Related Reading Links

    The number at the end of the link indicates how many relationships exist with the record.

    Selecting a related reading link displays the related items on a results page where users can decide which items to view.


    Chapter Results Page

    Configuration Options

    Out of the box, this functionality is enabled. The following table describes the configuration options that support this functionality.

    Contextual Relationships Configuration
    Element Description

    Related Items mapping table (new)

    This mapping table allows you to disable the Related Reading functionality for your view. To disable this functionality, create a new mapping row using the following fields:

    • View – Select the view for which you want to disable this functionality.

    • Related Items – Select No to disable the view. You can either remove the mapping row or select Yes to enable this functionality.

    • Description – You can specify an optional description for this mapping row.

    Results Tile code table (modified)

    This table defines the labels that are associated with this functionality:

    • Other chapters of the same book

    • Book reviews

    • default.nui.results.relatedItems.chapter2chapter.title: Showing other chapters of the same book

    • default.nui.results.relatedItems.book2chapter.title: Showing chapters for

    • default.nui.results.relatedItems.chapter2chapter.note: Please note that this is not necessarily a complete list of chapters

    • default.nui.results.relatedItems.book2review.title: Showing book reviews for

    • default.nui.results.relatedItems.book2review.note: Please note that this is not necessarily a complete list of reviews.

    • Chapters of this book

    Analytics - Contextual Relationships

    The following actions in the Action Usage subject area are related to this enhancement:

    Group Subgroup Action Description


    Related items

    Display Related items - Other chapters of same book

    User selected a link to display other chapters of the same book.

    Display Related items - Book chapters

    User selected a link to display the book's chapters.

    Display Related items - Book reviews

    User selected a link to display the book's reviews.


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