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    Display All Links in Full Display for CDI

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    By default, the full display of CDI records displays either one link in record or OpenURL links based on the prioritization settings for the best possible link to view full text. For more details, see Link Prioritization in the Merged Record.

    If you prefer, you can display all eligible full text links to allow users to select their preferred source of the CDI record's full text. Eligible links are links to which the library has access through subscription or open access and that pass a minimum quality threshold as defined by Ex Libris. In case there are two Link in Record links to the same full text on the same provider platform, Primo shows only one of those links. If you have Link in Record links and OpenURL links to the same provider platform, duplicates are not removed since we can remove duplicates only within the Link in Record sections.

    When this functionality is enabled, the CDI record displays only the preferred link (which is the same behavior as the default setting). If there are other eligible links, users can select the Show more link, which appears under the preferred link.


    Display All Links Enabled in View It
    • By default, the optional headings do not appear unless configured in the GetIT! Tab1 Labels code table. For information on how to enable the Display All Links functionality and configure the optional headings, see Configuration Options.

    • When this functionality is enabled and CDI returns multiple links, direct linking is disabled in the availability statement in the brief results. This means that users are taken to the full display of the record to see all linking options instead of being taken directly to the preferred record's full text.

    Selecting the Show More option displays additional link options that are grouped in the following order if they exist:

    1. Link in Record links for subscribed content (excluding open access links).

    2. Link resolver:

      1. OpenURL links from Alma/SFX.

      2. OpenURL related services from Alma.

    3. Link in Record links for Open Access content only.

    The following example shows all linking options with the group headings defined:


    All Links Expanded in View It

    Primo Analytics

    The following usage actions are tracked for the Display all Links capability.

    Group Subgroup Action Description



    Link to source

    openURL FT

    The user selected the link from the Links or View It sections in the record's full display.

    When a user selects a link in View It, these actions occur under the following scenarios only:

    • If the Display all links from CDI capability is enabled, multiple links from CDI are returned, and the user has not first selected Show More.

    • If CDI returns only a single link.

    Additional Link to source

    Additional openURL

    The user selected the link from the View It section in the record's full display. (The tracking of the these actions started in August 2022.) 


    • When a user selects a link in View It, these actions can occur if the Display all links from CDI capability is enabled, multiple links are returned from CDI, and the user has first selected Show More.

    • These actions are applicable only to Primo customers using SFX and not to Alma-Primo customers because these links are handled via Alma mashup (not Primo).

    Configuration Options

    This functionality is disabled by default. For information on how to enable this functionality and configure related settings, see the following table.

    Configuration Page Description

    View Properties mapping table (Primo Home > General > Mapping Tables)

    When set to true, the display_all_links parameter instructs CDI to return all available full text links so that they are selectable in a record's full display.

    If set to false, CDI returns only the preferred link.

    GetIT! Link 1 Configuration mapping table (Primo Home > General > Mapping Tables)

    The following mapping provides linking for the new functionality:

    Delivery Category  Status Source Direct Link Availability/Service Link Link Field
    Remote Search Resource fulltext_multiple All Y Out@@display linktorsrcadditional; openurladditional

    GetIT! Tab 1 Text Configuration mapping table (Primo Home > General > Mapping Tables)

    The following mapping configures the label for the link to access all full text links:

    Delivery Category  Status Source Tab 1 Label
    Remote Search Resource fulltext_multiple All tab1_full

    GetIT! Tab1 Labels code table (Primo Home > General > Code Tables)

    The following codes define the labels for showing more or less links at a time:

    • default.nui.getit_full.multiple_showmore – Show more

    • default.nui.getit_full.multiple_showless – Show less

    The following codes allow you to add a section heading for each type of link:

    • default.nui.getit_full.multiple_linktorscr_subsc – <blank>

    • default.nui.getit_full.multiple_linkresolver – <blank>

    • default.nui.getit_full.multiple_linktorscr_oa – <blank>

    Aria labels code table (Primo Home > General > Code Tables)

    The following code are used for accessibility:

    • default.nui.aria.fulldisplay.multiple.showmore – Show more links

    • default.nui.aria.fulldisplay.multiple.showless – Show less links

    • default.nui.aria.fulldisplay.viewOnline – {{link}}

    Calculated Availability Text Labels code table (Primo Home > General > Code Tables)

    The following codes define the text labels for calculated availability:

    • – Full text available

    • – GetItGreen

    Institution Wizard (Primo Home > General > Institutions List)

    If the Do not proxy Open Access records option is enabled and CDI returns multiple links, Primo determines whether a link is open access only if the $$H subfield is set to free_for_read.

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