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    Saving and Managing Alerts

    If you are working with Primo VE and not Primo, see Saving and Managing Alerts in Primo VE.

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    Primo allows signed-in users to receive email alerts when there is an update to the saved search query. After an alert has been set, the My Favorites > Saved Searches page allows users to perform the following operations on alerts: set/clear an alert and update email addresses.

    1. The frequency of alert emails depends on whether the query's results have changed and the following system settings:

      • The frequency in which emails are sent, which could be weekly.

      • The time of day and days in which the system checks for changes. If you create an alert after this time, it will be checked on the next day that the system checks for changes.

      • For saved searches that include records from CDI, the number of results can vary when an index update is underway.

    2. An alert that has not been triggered in the last 90 days will be inactivated in the UI and will no longer be checked by the system.

    Setting an Alert

    To set an alert:
    1. Select the My Favorites button at the top of the page.

    2. Select the SAVED SEARCHES tab to display all of your saved searches.

    3. Select the Set Alert button SetAlertIcon.png that appears next to the query to set the alert.

      Set Alert button in Saved Searches tab on the My Favorites page.

      Set Alert Button

      For Primo VE environments, the option to set an alert is not provided for scopes that include WorldCat or EBSCO sources only.

    4. If necessary, update the email address to which the alert is sent. If the alert had not been previously set, the address defaults to the value stored in the user's personal settings.

      1. Select the Change notification settings link above the search box.

        Change notification settings in My Favorites.

        Change Email Address Link
      2. Modify the email address, if needed.

        Notification Settings dialog box in My Favorites.

        Notification Settings Dialog Box
      3. Optionally, add text to the Notification Name field. This information appears in the Subject line of the alert email.

      4. Select SAVE.

    Cancelling an Alert

    To cancel an alert:
    1. Click the My Favorites button at the top of the page.

    2. Select the Saved Searches tab to display all of your saved searches.

    3. Click the Cancel Alert button ClearAlertIcon.png that appears next to the query to cancel the alert.

      Cancel Alert icon on Saved Searches tab.

      Cancel Alert Button
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