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    The Control Section

    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. Only the Display, Facets, and Search sections are configurable in Primo VE. For more details, see Mapping to the Display, Facets, and Search Sections in the Primo VE Record.

    The Control section in the PNX includes formatted data used for control purposes. The following table lists the contents of the Control section.
    Control Section Fields
    Field Code Description
    The source ID identifies the source repository in Primo. Every source repository has a configuration file in which the sourceid and other information about the source repository are recorded.
    This ID identifies the source repository in the source system. This is not necessarily the same as the source repository's identifier in Primo—for example, USM01.
    This ID identifies the record in the source repository (such as an ALEPH system number supplied in MARC 21 tag 001). This ID must be unique and persistent within the source repository. It is derived from the OAI header.
    This ID identifies an additional ID of the source record.


    The Alma ID is the Alma institution code concatenated with a colon and the original Alma record ID. This is required for Alma-Primo environments only.


    For Alma-Primo environments only, this field contains the collection information that is mapped from the following subfields of the COL field:

    • $$a – Parent collection ID

    • $$b – Collection title

    • $$c – Collection name

    • $$A – The owning institution. Currently, this field is added only for centralized publishing, but it will be used for standard publishing in the future.

    The record ID is a unique identifier of the record in the Primo repository. The sourceid and sourcerecordid are concatenated to create the recordid (for example, ALEPH system number + tag 001).
    Source type—not in use.
    The source format identifies the original format of the source record (such as MARC 21, Dublin Core, and MAB2).
    The source system identifies the system used by the source repository (such as ALEPH, ADAM, MetaLib, SFX, and Digitool).
    Record type—not in use.
    Date last modified—not in use.
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