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    Subfields in the PNX

    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. Only the Display, Facets, and Search sections are configurable in Primo VE. For more details, see Mapping to the Display, Facets, and Search Sections in the Primo VE Record.

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    Some fields in the PNX record have multiple values that are delimited by two dollar signs followed by a specific character or number (similar to MARC subfields). The following table lists the various subfield delimiter types used in the PNX record.

    Subfield Delimiter Types
    Type Delimiter Description

    Uppercase Alphabetic


    The character denotes the content and is persistent across PNX fields.



    Algorithm used for FRBR key type.



    A constant that displays before the field. This delimiter can be used only in the Display section for the following fields: identifier, relation, and description.

    The constant can be a code (lowercase with no spaces or special characters except for underscores). The code is translated to a name for display in the Front End using the Display Constants code table. If the text added has no translation in the code table, it will display as entered in the rules.



    Text that displays instead of the field—for example, for URLS).



    In most cases it is the institution code. For Browse fields it contains the following:

    • Authority record ID for all Browse fields except for callnumber.

    • Institution code for the browse/callnumber field.



    Key for FRBR



    Library code



    Origin of the field used in Deduped records - the sourceid.



    Contains the linking portion of the display field for enhanced hypertext linking. Otherwise, linking is performed on the display portion of the display field. For more information, see Enhanced Hypertext Linking.

    For Primo VE environments, see Configuring Hypertext Link Definitions for Primo VE.






    Template code



    In most cases it is the URL. For browse, the institution is automatically stored in this subfield in deduped records.



    Value of the field (to distinguish between the value of the field and the display text or constant).



    Indicates the order of data elements added to the field.

    All text fields can be either code or text. Primo first searches for a translation of the value in the codes table. Only if it does not find the translation will Primo display the value.