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    Primo Next Discovery Experience User Interface

    Updated: January 31, 2024

    As part of the Next Discovery Experience (NDE) vision for the coming years, one of the main focuses is the new User Experience and interface. In 2023, we announced that we have started the work on a new UX for Primo VE Discovery as part of the NDE vision and framework.

    Why are we doing it?

    The decision to transition to a new user interface is prompted by several key factors, including:

    • Improving the user experience and workflow. The goals are:

      • Create an intuitive, visually appealing interface to make navigation easier.

      • Incorporate modern design principles and user feedback to optimize content discovery.

      • Ensure users can quickly and efficiently find relevant information.

      • Provide a more engaging platform that enables productive interactions. By focusing on simplicity, visual appeal, and incorporating user input, the redesigned interface will make it easier for users to access the information they need. The improvements aim to foster satisfying and productive experiences across the platform.

    • Technological advancements and frameworks, and more specifically moving to the latest version of the Angular framework.

    • Providing an enhanced experience for users of assistive technology, and maximizing conformance with the latest accessibility standards.

    • Emerging opportunities around Linked Data and AI.

    What is currently being done?

    • The Primo team conducted various user studies, collecting qualitative and quantitative data through various methods such as surveys, interviews, and usability testing and taking invaluable input from customer feedback over the recent years. o We are working closely with the newly established Primo UX Focus Group, with participants from the following institutions: Harvard, Haifa University, Universität Basel, University of York, SUNY, University of Kentucky, SLSP. Where we have an ongoing collaboration and discussions on different UX elements with the focus group.

    • Customization solution for the new UI – We identify the strong customization capabilities as a core strength of Primo allowing institutions to share their own discovery experience to their needs, and we are working closely with a group of customers representing the technical community to review and fine tune the proposed customization solutions for the new discovery experience.

    • Currently, we are still in the design phase for the existing components and have started to develop the initial pages and components (search bar, brief results page, full display page).

    When will development begin?

    • Design and development have already begun and will continue through 2024 and into 2025.

    • We plan to start exposing initial pages and user flows for testing in late 2024.

    • The General Release of NDE is planned for the middle of 2025 for Primo VE institutions.

    When will it be rolled out to customers?

    Once available, institutions can test and customize the new UI and decide when to opt in and go live.

    We will be publishing more information throughout this year as it becomes available.

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