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    Search Webhook for PressReader

    Released: June 6, 2024

    We're excited to share news of our partnership with PressReader, which facilitates the exploration of its news content via Primo and Primo VE. By utilizing the Primo Search Webhook configuration, you can offer patrons the chance to discover and utilize this valuable content.

    Once you start using the PressReader search webhook, your patrons will be able to use a dedicated search scope to all PressReader materials, while remaining within the Primo user interface:

    Select PressReader search scope.

    You will need to have a subscription to PressReader to add the PressReader search webhook. To activate this webhook in Primo or Primo VE, please use the URL and unique API key provided by PressReader via email or reach out to to receive this information. Once you have those details, you may follow the below steps in order to search the PressReader content:

    For Primo VE:

    1. Create a new search scope for PressReader. For more information about Search Profile configuration, see Configuring Search Profiles for Primo VE.

      1. On the Search Profiles page (Configuration > Discovery > Search Configuration > Search Profiles), select the Other Indexes tab.

      2. Select Add other index > Search Webhook to open the Define Primo VE Webhook Search Scope page.

        Define PressReader search scope.

      3. Specify the following fields under the Scope Details section:

        • Scope Name

        • Code

        • Description

      4. Specify the following fields under the Remote Index Details section:

        • URL – Enter the URL used for PressReader.

        • API Token – Enter the key used for PressReader.

      5. Save your new search scope.

    2. Add the new PressReader search scope to your view. For more information about View configuration, see Configuring Discovery Views for Primo VE.

      1. On the Views List page (Configuration > Discovery > Display Configuration > Configure Views), edit your view and select the Search Profile Slots tab.

      2. Select Add a Slot to open the Edit Profile Slot page.

      3. Specify the following fields under the Define Slot section:

        • Code – Enter PressReader.

        • Name – Enter the name to appear in the UI.

      4. Activate the new slot for PressReader under the Select Search Profiles for slot section.

      5. Save your new profile slot.

    For more information about the Search Webhook configuration, see Enabling the Search Webhook API in Primo VE.

    For Primo Classic:

    For Primo Classic setup, please check the “Enabling the Search Webhook API in Primo” section under the following guide: Enabling the Search Webhook API in Primo.

    If you are unfamiliar with search webhooks, which provide the ability to search external indexes within the discovery environment, or want to learn more about this capability,  we encourage you to review more information on the Developer Network.

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