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Primo to Primo VE Migration – Rapid ILL Required Actions

The Rapid ILL holdings database is used by Rapid ILL to not only find the best lender for your borrowing request, but also to return a URL that will link the lending staff directly to the requested resource. This allows quick and easy processing of the document delivery service.

The URL that Rapid ILL returns is pulled from the holdings data received.  That url is based on the Link Resolver Base URL that is included in the published data, as configured in the Link Resolver Base URL field of the publishing profiles' data Electronic Inventory Enrichment section (Data Enrichment tab).

As the move from Primo to Primo VE entails a change in the discovery system, the Link Resolver Base URL field of the electronic publishing profiles should be updated to reflect that change, as detailed below. Following the changes, a full republish to Rapid ILL must be done.

Changing the Publishing Profiles’ Link Resolver Base URL field

The Link Resolver Base URL needs to be updated for each of the publishing profiles that are used to publish electronic inventory sets (journals or books). As described in the Alma Holdings Harvest for RapidILL document, the Primo VE URL uses the following format:


For example:

The following guidelines should be considered in constructing the URL:

Primo domain

In Primo VE this is the Alma domain. In the above example, the basic Alma URL structure has been used -

You may prefer to use your private Alma URL (cname) in case you have one. For example, instead of you may be able to use a URL such as

Alma institution code

This is your Alma institution code, e.g., 01EXLDEV1_INST.

Primo view code 

This is the code of your services page view, i.e., the code that is defined for your discovery view on the View Configuration page. For example: 01EXLDEV1_INST:MyView

Verifying the URL

In order to verify that you have constructed the correct URL, append &rft.mms_id=[MMS ID] to the URL and go to the URL. The URL should take you to the record as viewed in Primo.

For example, if I have constructed the URL, I can test it by adding the MMD ID 994407060000121 as follows:

The resulting URL should link to the record’s full view in Primo.

Republish the Changed Sets

The updated profiles must be run and republished in Full mode. To run in Full mode, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Resources > publishing profiles.
  2. Select the changed profiles and from the row action choose Republish.
  3. Select the Rebuild Entire Index option.

Please contact us to let us know when to run and republish the profiles and we will begin processing the data.

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