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    How to Suppress Physical Locations

    • Product: RapidILL

    If you need to suppress specific locations from your sets, you can remove them from the Rapid publishing by using a normalization rule on the publishing profile. For example, if LOC_A,LOC_B and LOC_C are the codes of locations that you do not want to include in the export to Rapid, you can use a rule such as the follows:

    rule "remove suppressed location"
    removeField "954" if (exists "954.{*,*}.r.LOC_A")
    removeField "954" if (exists "954.{*,*}.r.LOC_B")
    removeField "954" if (exists "954.{*,*}.r.LOC_C")

    This will effectively remove all these locations from the Rapid file.

    For more information on setting up normalization rules see the following links:

    For more information on publishing profiles, see Creating a General Publishing Profile.

    • Article last edited: 29-Sep-2021
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