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    Request for articles from a non-lendable collection when journal is found in two collections or more, while using OAI holdings harvest for RapidILL

    • Product: RapidILL
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare

    Keywords: non-lendable, set, OAI, Rapid, Holdings, RapidILL, mapping, Alma, journal, collection, localonly, harvesting, publishing


    When a journal belongs to two or more collections, of which not all are lendable, your institution is getting lending requests for articles that are only found in non-lendable collection(s). Your institution updates Rapid holdings through OAI harvesting from Alma and you’ve confirmed the non-lendable collection is not in any lendable set.

    This is an artifact of Alma’s publishing. When a title is published, Alma publishes all the collections it’s in – regardless of whether they’re in the set or not.


    This page used to feature two workarounds for this issue (one using Alma normalization rules, and another using RapidILL mapping files). Thanks to cooperation between the RapidILL and Alma teams - there is now a built-in solution for this issue, and no need for a workaround.

    Please see our documentation on how to update your configurations to take advantage of this new solution here: More Accurate OAI RapidILL holdings.


    • Article last edited: 05-Nov-2023
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