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    Holding Status

    The Holdings Status page (Holdings > Holdings Status) reflects the most up to date status of your holdings load whether they were published from Alma or uploaded on the Holdings Upload page. The table is divided by Holding type and format. All sets or files of the same holding type and format are grouped together.

    Holding Status.png

    Holding Status Page
    Column Description
    Files/Set Name If you are uploading files on the Holdings Upload page, you will see all the file names associated with a specific holding type and format together in the Files/Set Name column. If you are using sets, you will see all set names in the same place.
    Date of Upload/Alma Publishing

    The Date of Upload is the date that the file was uploaded to the Holding File Upload page. If the file was extracted the same day as it was uploaded, this will reflect the date the data was extracted from your ILS.

    The Date of Alma Publishing is the last time Alma published the set to RapidILL. Note that Alma publishes sets on a weekly basis, while Rapid updates holdings monthly (see Last Index Date).

    If you have not uploaded or published holdings in 12 months, the date under Date of upload/Alma Publishing will turn red. Please ensure to update your holdings at least quarterly.

    If N/A appears, it means that there has not been an upload or publishing in 2021.

    Index Status This reflects whether the set or file is in process of indexing in RapidILL (yellow) or has successfully indexed (green).
    Last Index Date This reflects the last time RapidILL successfully indexed holdings of a specific holdings type (books/journals).
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