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Common Reject Reasons

Common Reject Reasons
Rejection Message Reason
At bindery Title is owned but the requested item is at the bindery.
Charges The responder's charges for the provision of the requested service.
Cost exceeds limit Responder indication that the minimum cost to supply the request is greater than the amount authorized.
Expiry not supported Lender does not support processing requests for which an expiry date is specified.
In process Item has been received but is not yet ready for use.
In use on loan Requested item is currently in use by local patron or on loan to another borrower.
Lacking The title is owned but not the component part of pages requested.
Lacks copyright compliance Compliance with applicable copyright regulations or laws must be indicated before copying can be done.
Locations not found No potential lender has been identified.
Lost Requested item has been declared lost.
Mandatory messaging not supported Lender does not provide/support ISO mandatory messaging.
Non circulating Requested item is not available to loan.
Not found as cited Item cannot be located using item identification information provided in the ILL request.
Not on shelf Requested item is available in lender's collection and is not currently charged out, but is currently unavailable.
Not owned Requested item is not in lender's collection.
On hold An outstanding hold is currently placed on the requested item by another borrower.
On order Requested item is not currently available, but item is on order by lender.
On reserve Requested item owned by lender, but is restricted to local use.
Other Other reasons/conditions/requirements not supported by ISO standard responses.
Policy problem Lender does not have policy in place to govern/support fulfillment of the ILL request.
Poor condition Degraded physical condition of requested item prohibits interlibrary loan or reproduction.
Preferred delivery time not possible Requested item cannot be delivered by deadline specified in ILL request.
Prepayment required Pre-Payment is required prior to lending the item.
Requested delivery services not supported Lender does not support delivery of items utilizing requested delivery service.
Volume issue not yet available This volume or issue is not yet available for loan.


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