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    Document Delivery for Owned Resources

    Streamlining the Document Delivery Process

    Create one streamlined process for document delivery for both resources you own and resources you receive from other libraries by using a mediation rule to automatically create a lending request assigning the borrowing library as a partner. This means that your library is both the borrower and the lender.

    Users can request digitization from the Rapido tile for printed resources whether or not the resource is owned by your library.


    Document delivery
    To request digitization for items you own:
    • Ensure your Display Logic Rules allow the display of Rapido offers for digital requests for materials you own.
    • Remove your digitization request link.

    Automating the Process

    To fulfill digitization requests for resources you own, create a mediation rule (Resource Sharing > Rapido Rules > Borrowing Mediation Rules) using the parameter Self Owned And Available. When an item is both self-owned and available, the Action Fill Locally is automatically executed, and a borrowing request and lending request are created under your resource sharing library. The lending request displays your library as the partner and is listed in the lending requests task list in order to be fulfilled. All relevant functionality available for lending requests apply, such as automatic move to branch/digitization. Once the resource is shipped digitally, both the borrowing and lending requests are completed. The user receives an email with the link to the resource, which is also available under their patron card.


    Self Owned And Available mediation rule

    For information on manually fulfilling a digitization request that you own, see Fill locally.

    For sites with one resource sharing library, both the borrowing and lending requests are created under the same library. For institutions with more than one resource sharing member, the lending request is created under the resource sharing library associated with the library that owns the material.

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