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    Testing Rapido

    Testing Rapido in Your Sandbox

    Use your sandbox environment to:

    YES NO
    • Create and use Rapido Sets
    • Use the borrowing and lending task list (brief view, right pan, etc.)
    • Use facets, multi-select values, printing, etc.
    • Access the Rapido configuration which includes the options to test mediation rules, copyright rules, discovery configurations, defining Rapido members
    • Create peer to peer partners and testing between sandboxes
    • Configure locally managed pods (ex. terms to present in the Rapido tiles)
    • Test discovery including Rapido tiles and request forms
    • Place and create borrowing requests
    • Do an end-to-end Rapido workflow
    • Borrowing requests are created but not sent. This means that the testing is until creation (both for returnables and document delivery).
    • The above includes the Fill locally action.


    Testing with a Selected Partner

    To create a testing environment with a selected partner:
    1. Manually create a borrowing request by selecting Create Request. Select a Citation Type and select Choose.

      The option to manually create a request.

      Manually create a borrowing request
    2. Select Send Directly to Partner.

      Manually assign a partner.

      Send Directly to Partner
    3. Check the relevant partner and select Select to start the borrowing request flow.

      The Resource Sharing partners on the Community tab are copied to the Institution tab.

      Resource sharing partner list.

      Resource Sharing Partner List

    Testing Your Workflow for Borrowing/Lending Requests

    This feature enables libraries to interact locally in order to create borrowing and lending requests at the local institution for both physical and digital requests. This enables libraries to test and train users in Rapido and enables them to test and view the outcome of complete workflows.

    Create a borrowing rule with the parameter Requester (Configuration > Resource Sharing > Rapido Rules > Borrowing Mediation Rules) and the Action Test Locally configured.

    The rule only applies to one Requester. If you want to apply the rule to multiple Requesters, you must add multiple rules.

    The test locally configuration.

    Mediation Setup for testing locally

    Since this feature is for testing purposes, the status of the borrowing request might be Locate failed if your library does not have the requested item. You can still continue testing the flow by selecting Edit > Ship item physically to ensure the process behaves as expected.

    • If the mediation rule is run a second time and after performing the Test Locally action, Rapido does not re-run the action again.
    • If you reject the request from the lending side, the borrowing request is also closed.
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