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Rapido Offers

When a request is available from another pod member, or the locally managed pod rota has terms, Rapido displays the offer terms to the user.

The terms for the amount of time a physical request is available for borrowing include the shipping delivery time, the loan period, and the return delivery time.

If Cost to Patron is configured (see Cost to Patron), and Patron Receive Cost is populated on a borrowing request, the patron will incur a cost when the request arrives at the borrowing library. When configured, the cost is included in the Rapido offer.


Rapido offers

When a request may be available from a lender outside of your pods and/or the locally managed rota does not have defined terms, the patron receives an offer to get a copy, but the terms are not available.



Non-Rapido offers

While searching for offers, offer details display as they become available while indicating that the system is still searching for other offer information. For example, if the physical information is already available, the physical tile details are displayed, while indicating that the digital information is still being searched for.

When the display logic rules restrict placing requests where no offers are available, the tile indicates that No offer available at this time.

Still searching for offers indication.

Searching for offers indication

Still searching for offers indication.

Searching for offers

Request Status

Once a patron places a request and agrees to the copyright terms, the patron can track the status of their request via their Primo library card and receive updates when terms-of-use change.


Request form



Serial Holdings

When adding a Volume to a request, the REFINE OFFER button becomes enabled, (disabled by default), and you can use it to update your offer terms and patron cost (when relevant).

The available terms after refining an offer.
Available terms after refining an offer
When an offer is not available the terms update to Terms to be supplied
No offer when volume is not available.
No offer available

Dissertation Requests

You can request a section from a digital dissertation rather than requesting the complete resource. When the resource type is Dissertation, the Request Digital Version form includes the From Page and To Page fields.

The from and to page fields on the digital request form.
Request Digital Version form

Journal Requests

Rapido offers the ability to request a physical journal copy in addition to a digital journal article. When the display logic rules  (Configuration > Fulfillment > Display Logic Rules) are set to show the journal tile, and the parameter rapido_show_physical_journal_offer (Configuration > Resource Sharing > General > Other Settings) is set to true (default false), both the Get a physical copy tile and the Get an article form this journal tile appear when requesting a journal (previously, only the digital tile for the article was displayed).

If a lender does not enable the rapido_show_physical_journal_offer parameter, borrowing requests will not be sent to that lender. For lenders who do want to lend journals, after enabling the rapido_show_physical_journal_offer parameter, they also need to add journals to their list of participating items.

Physical and digital journal tiles.
Journal tiles

If the Display Logic Rule is set to hide the journal (physical) tile, both the journal and article tiles are hidden, and the Resource sharing is only allowed under specific terms and conditions message appears instead.

The get it from other locations message when the tiles are hidden.
Hidden tiles

Selecting GET IT on the physical request tile opens the Request Physical Version form which includes the Volume, Issue, and Publication Date fields.

The request must include either the Volume, Issue, or Publication Date.

The Request Physical Version form.
Request Physical Version form

Harvesting External Resources for Resource Sharing

When configured, (see Configuring Request It!) the Request It! menu option is available for logged in users who have permission to use the blank form.

The Request It! menu option.
Request It!

When selecting the Request It! menu option, patrons can drag the Request It! bookmarklet to their browser.

The Request It! bookmarklet.
Request It! bookmarklet
When browsing Amazon, patrons can select the Request It! bookmarklet to request a resource. The Request It! form mirrors the blank form and harvest the Title, Author, ISBN, patron Email, and Pickup location in the form.
Patrons must be logged in to Primo in order to use the Request It! bookmarklet.
The Request It! form.
Request It! form
If a patron selects I only need a specific chapter or pages, the Chapter and Pages fields are displayed, and the Pages field is harvested as well.
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